Sidney McNairy, Jr. RCMI Small Grant Program


Applications are not being accepted at this time.

The purpose of the Sidney McNairy, Jr. RCMI Small Grant Program at UTSA is to encourage scientific researchers to use the four RCMI Research Core facilities to conduct research leading to scientific discovery. This program will provide gratis access to equipment and support staff of our Core facilities to complete a short 6-month research project of high scientific merit.

UTSA and non-UTSA Tenure/Tenure-Track research scientists are welcome to apply. Preference will be given to RCMI scientists at UTSA and scientists working in other RCMI programs that are lacking financial support.

  • Once the Application Page is completed, provide a copy of the Application and Core Leader/PI Assessment Page to the Assessment Page contact.
  • Once the Assessment Page is completed, submit your application package and NIH or NSF Biosketch to:
    Mail: 1 UTSA Circle, BSE 2.304B, San Antonio, TX 78249

NOTE: There is no application deadline, but PIs are encouraged to submit applications one month prior to their project start date to allow time for review and approval.