Save the Date

October 10, 2013

The Science of Quantic Exhibit
Iinternational Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) in McAllen, Texas

** Save the Date flyer **

On October 10, the IMAS will present an artistic and innovative collaboration between two masters in their respective fields.

This exhibit will display the visual comparison of artistic and scientific work and show the character of the art of science. Dr. Miguel Jose-Yacaman, both the Chair of Physics and Astronomy and the Principal Investigator of the Nanotechnology Core of the RCMI program at UTSA, has joined with well-known sculptor Sebastian, the creator of the Friendship Torch located in downtown San Antonio.

The common symmetry of their work brought them together to create an exhibit that will display how in science work is formed by nature and how the artistic side is created by the regulations of nature. Together they will display their commonalities and lead to an open question: is our universe six-dimensional and are we a mere 3-D projection? Strong theory and elemental particles analysis seems to move toward that same idea. In Sebastian's recent exhibit Cuanticas, he asks "is there a window to the real 6-D space?" These are tough questions; however, one thing is clear, this outstanding collection of artwork has opened a new window in our understanding of nature done in the sciences.


 back row: Ben Martinez (IMAS), Dr. Jose-Yacaman (UTSA), Sebastian (sculptor)
 front row: Christella Robledo (UTSA), Gaby Jones (IMAS), Mario Lopez (IMAS)