Research is not only an essential tool for gathering and disseminating new information, but also for educating. The 227,000-square-foot Biotechnology, Sciences and Engineering Building is one of the largest research-related educational centers in Texas. The building includes 70 research and instructional laboratories that facilitate interdisciplinary research and collaboration between scientists and engineers.

Faculty Research

One of the CRTS goals is to "enhance diversity of faculty research in the College of Sciences." To accomplish this goal, the Center provides the tools for faculty to apply, through the various programs within the Center, for federal research funds. If you are a tenure-track faculty member at UTSA and would like to learn more about how to apply to get federal funds to develop your research, please visit the RCMI or SCORE program web site.

Major Areas of Faculty Research
Area of Research Faculty Name and Program
Biophotonics Core Facility George Perry, PhD RCMI
Computational Systems Biology Core Facility Jianhua Ruan, PhD RCMI
Nanotechnology & Human Health Core Facility Miguel Jose-Yacaman, PhD RCMI
Protein Biomarkers Core Facility Stephan Bach, PhD RCMI
Photo-Induced Protein Unfolding Lorenzo Brancaleon, PhD RCMI
Glucocorticoid Resistance in EAE Thomas Forsthuber, MD, PhD RCMI
Advanced Data Processing Michelle Zhang, PhD RCMI
Biomedical Informatics Adel Alaeddini, PhD SCORE
Immune-pathology Astrid Cardona, PhD SCORE
Chemical, Biological, & Condensed Matter Physics Liao Chen, PhD SCORE
Infectious Diseases; Microbial Genomics Mark Eppinger, PhD SCORE
Electronic & Optoelectronic Materials and Devices Eugene John, PhD SCORE
Synthesis of Biologically Active Natural Products Oleg Larionov, PhD SCORE
Disorders of the Temporomandibular Joint Richard LeBaron, PhD SCORE
Stem Cell and Cancer Biology Annie Lin, PhD SCORE
Biophysics Marcelo Marucho, PhD SCORE
Nano-Biotechnology & Biomolecular Engineering Liang Tang, PhD SCORE
Bioinformatics Yufeng Wang, PhD SCORE
Multiscale Modeling and Simulation Xiaowei Zeng, PhD SCORE

Student Research

Are you curious or interested in doing research (either in a lab or in the field), or do you know that you want to do research, but you don’t know whom you should approach, or how to go about it?

Visit the sites below and decide what program fits your needs, interests, and educational background. Many of these programs offer financial support to qualified students.