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The Mexico Center

The Early Childhood Teacher Initiative is grant that has been generously provided by the City of San Antonio: Health and Human Services Department to provide professional development for early childhood education teachers. Our program provides support and guidance to students as they navigate the path to continueCapri their education. We serve as an educational resource center to assist preschool teachers, teacher assistants and other early childhood professionals pursue higher education.

The Early Childhood Teacher Initiative assists early education teachers with college admissions, financial aid, advising, registration and any other information they require. We also offer a Summer Institute that gives early childhood professionals a chance to maximize their time off a school and attend college courses in a learning community.

The Summer Institute offers four condensed courses over the course of six weeks. Each course is three weeks long and meets for 3 hours and 15 minutes Monday through Friday. These courses are designed to create a cohort environment that allows for support and guidance during the college experience. This past summer we had 27 students participate earning a combined total of 186 college credit hours.

This academic year we had two student graduates with their Bachelors of Arts in Applied Science in Infant and Childhood Studies from UTSA and seven student graduate with Associates in Early Childhood Studies from the Alamo Colleges. In total our program was able to assist over 100 students on their pathway to higher education. We look forward to the continued success of Early Childhood Teacher Initiative for the upcoming academic school year. For more information please contact the Program Coordinator, Sophia Ortiz at 210-458-2692 or at



The Life and Works of Luis Buñuel

The Life and Works of Luis Buñuel, August 30, 2013. A collaboration with Casa de España, featuring a panel discussion on the life and work of Luis Buñuel, a Spanish-born Mexican naturalized citizen that became one of the best Spanish film directors. Luis Buñuel filmed 20 of his 32 films in Mexico, where he spent 36 years of his life, and produced some of the most provocative and revolutionary movies in film history The panel featured presentations from Dr. Juan Carlos Moreno from the University of Incarnate Word and St. Mary’s University, Dr. Eva Bueno from St. Mary’s University, Dr. Nancy Membrez from UTSA, and Dr. Milton J. Lindner, M.D.



Immigration Reform Forum

Immigration Reform Forum, September 4, 2013. Panel discussion on immigration reform presented by Congressman Lloyd Doggett and UTSA College of Public Policy. Dr. Harriett Romo participated as a guest panelist.



Las Relaciones México – Estados Unidos: United States – Mexico Relations

Las Relaciones México – Estados Unidos: United States – Mexico Relations, September 12, 2013. In collaboration with UNAM San Antonio and the Instituto Cultural de México. A book presentation by Mexican authors: Marcela Terrazas y Basante, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Gerardo Gurza Lavalle, Instituto Mora, and Patricia Sánchez, Universidad Iberoamericana. Comments by U.S. scholars: Catherine Nolan Ferrell, UTSA Department of History, Gabriela Sánchez-Soto, UTSA Department of Demography, and Rene Zenteno, UTSA Department of Demography.



Dr. Heidi L. Adams

Mexican American Adolescent Dating Couples: Understanding the Roles of Acculturation, Gender, and Communication Behaviors, September 23, 2013. Special presentation by Dr. Heidi L. Adams, UTSA Department of Social Work, as part of the Mexico Center Brown Bag Lecture Series. Presentation focuses on adolescent dating and sexual relationships. Within a holistic approach to dating health, her work aims to prevent teen dating violence and to foster strong foundations for healthy adolescent and lifelong partnering.



The Screening of Luis Buñuel’s Nazarín

The Screening of Luis Buñuel’s Nazarín, September 27, 2013. Film screening of Luis Buñuel’s Nazarín,in collaboration with La Casa de España. Nazarín (1959) is based on the work of Spanish writer Benito Pérez Galdós. It recounts the story of Father Nazario whose naiveté in handling the circumstances he confronts lead him to question his faith. The film received the Cannes International Film Festival Award in 1959.



Bryan R. Roberts

Family Time, Industrial Time, and Migration Time: The Evolution of Family and Individual Strategies Over Three Generations in Rural Mexico, October 18, 2013. Presentation by Dr. Bryan Roberts, C.B. Smith Sr. Chair in U.S.-Mexico Relations, University of Texas at Austin.



. Sebastián Salgado-Flores

Historical-Ecological Survey of the Metzabok Protected Natural Area, October 29, 2013. Special presentation by Dr. Sebastián Salgado-Flores, UTSA Department of Anthropology, as part of the Mexico Center Brown Bag Lecture Series. The presentation focused on the combined archaeological and botanical survey methods within the area of the Metzabok Protected Natural Area in Chiapas, Mexico, and explored the specific ancient Maya practices that contributed to present day aspects of forest ecology.



Vicki Kline

Where Do We Go From Here? Challenges Facing Transnational Migrant Families Between the US and Mexico, October 30, 2013. In collaboration with UTSA Department of Demography and Department of Social Work, a special presentation by Dr. Vicki Kline, Instituto para las Mujeres en la Migración (Institute of Migrant Women), as part of the Mexico Center Brown Bag Lecture Series. Her presentation discussed the challenges presented to transnational families by U.S. immigration policies and practices. Dr. Kline is a Social Worker in Mexico City that focuses on raising awareness of the ways women are impacted by migration in the Mexican context.



Between Peril and Promise

Between Peril and Promise: Reporting Mexico in the Age of Narco War, November 11-12, 2013. In association with the UTSA Honors College, special presentations by Mexico-born filmmaker Bernardo Ruiz and Dallas Morning News reporter Alfredo Cochado, as part of the UTSA Honors College Non-Fiction Seminar. Bernando Ruiz’s presented a public screening of his documentary Reportero, which follows a veteran reporter and his collegues as they ply their trade in one of the deadliest places in the world for the media. Alfredo Cochado’s presented his new book, Midnight in Mexico, A Reporter’s Journey Through a Country’s Descent into Darkness, a tale recording the rise of the Narco War.




Carlos Prieto

Carlos Prieto’s Cello Performance, November 22, 2013. In collaboration with La Casa de España, a special musical performance by Mexican Cellist, Carlos Prieto.



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