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P-20 Initiatives


The UTSA Office of P-20 Initiatives continues the INSPIRE U program this year at the UTSA Downtown campus. The citywide mentoring program meets monthly and is a collaborative effort between UTSA, SAISD and Big Brothers Big Sisters. UTSA faculty and staff mentors have been paired with students since their 7th grade of middle school and this fall the students began their 10th grade of high school. The goal will be to mentor these students to high school graduation/college enrollment.

This year, students will focus on learning more about their specific career interests.

Pictured left – right, little brother Jared and his big sister Kirsten Gardner, big brother
Darrell Balderrama and his little brother, Djimon



G-Force Program


On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, Lead Collegiate G-Force Mentor, Daniel Arriaga, welcomed visiting seniors from Highlands and Fox Tech High Schools. Approximately 60 students were welcomed to the UTSA Downtown campus.