Jeffrey Hutchinson
Jeffrey Hutchinson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Office: FLN 4.02.56
Phone: (210) 458-5396
Email: jeffrey.hutchinson@utsa.edu

Lab website

Areas of Specialization

» Freshwater ecology
» Natural resource policy and administration


Ph.D. in Agronomy; University of Florida
M.S. in Wildlife Ecology; University of Kentucky
B.S. in Forest Resources and Conservation; University of Florida

Research Interests

The primary research interest in the group revolves around understanding various questions on landscape and aquatic ecology such as endangered species, invasive species, metapopulation dynamics, climate change, and water quality. My primarily research interest are focused on the species and landscape of the Edwards Aquifer.

I am interested in nutrient uptake by aquatic plants, aquatic invertebrates as bioindicators of aquatic health, effects of runoff on aquatic organisms, phenological plasticity in plants such as the endangered aquatic macrophyte Texas wild rice, floods and droughts, and the impacts of non-native species on aquatic and riparian structure and function.

The long range goal is to develop applied management techniques to improve stream and river health conditions that are applicable to real world situations in aquatic environments on a national and international level.


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