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Research Opportunities in Conservation and Natural Resources

 Hispanic Leadership Program in Agriculture and Ecology (HLPAE)

Applications are currently being accepted for Fall 2008.

Deadline is August 15, or until all positions are filled.



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The goal of the HLPAE is to improve the participation of Hispanics in developing, implementing, and assessing programs related to food, agriculture, the conservation of natural resources, human health and nutrition and related topics that are offered by a wide array of organizations and institutions across the country. The approach for achieving this goal is through graduate fellowships for under represented populations for graduate studies and research that are complemented by leadership development experiences. Central to the HLPAE is the research element. The research must be at the core of the respective discipline of study, yet somehow have linked with a Hispanic community. The research must address key contemporary issues related to the quality of life of rural and urban residents in areas that are highly populated by Hispanics. Such research should help understand prevailing policy and suggest alternative policies to enable agencies to develop and deliver relevant programs for this increasing population. The research element is complemented by a set of leadership development activities that are intended to better prepare the fellows to undertake leadership in their professional roles to insure that programs and budgets are appropriate and adequate for this population. The programs of study are closely monitored and numerous opportunities for the fellows to interact with potential employers are provided.