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Proposed Offerings for Required Undergraduate Classes

Course Number Course Title Semester
ES 2013 Environmental Systems I Fall, Spring
ES 2021 Environmental Systems I Laboratory Fall, Spring
ES 2023 Environmental Systems II Fall, Spring
ES 2031 Environmental Systems II Laboratory Fall, Spring
ES 3033 Environmental Ecology Fall, Spring
ES 3042 Environmental Ecology II Fall, Spring
ES 3053 Environmental Remediation Spring
ES 3031 Environmental Remediation Laboratory Spring
ES 4103 Global Change Fall
ES 3203 Environmental Law Spring
ES 3103 Environmental Microbiology Fall
ES 3012 Environmental Microbiology Laboratory * *
ES 4003 Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology Fall
ES 4011 Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology Laboratory Fall
* Students may take BIO 3722 during the Fall or Spring as a substitute