About the Program

The B.S. in Environmental Science program is a new program which was approved by the coordinating board in August of 2004. Therefore, the program is not described in the Undergraduate Catalog until the 2006-2008 catalog.  For information on course offerings, please go to the ASAP system from the University's main web page under Quick Links, click onto ASAP then click on "Class Schedules" and then click onto the term you are interested in.

The B.S. degree in Environmental Science aims to provide students in the program both basic and advanced training in many aspects of the Environmental Sciences.  Students will develop skills in the analysis of environmental problems and how to monitor environmental conditions in a wide variety of situations.. The main area of study will be natural resources including biological, geological and chemical aspects of environmental processes.  Today's environmental problems call for scientists who are educated in more than one discipline, highly trained in technical skills, and aware of the political and social dimensions of environmental decisions.  The B.S. program covers the areas of biology, chemistry, and geology in relation to natural resources and environmental management.



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Department of Earth and Environmental Science
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