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Executive Leadership Cybersecurity Training


The Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security (CIAS) is developing the world's foremost center for multidisciplinary education and development of operational capabilities in the areas of infrastructure assurance and security. The CIAS is a part of the The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).

The CIAS's vision is to become the leader in the advancement of state and community cyber security capabilities and collaboration. The CIAS has successfully integrated efforts from academia, government, and private industry. The result has been a dynamic team dedicated to infrastructure assurance, research, and education.

Developing a Community Cyber Security Incident Response Capability

Abstract - Much has been written on cyber incident response and there are many documents that address the process an organization should follow in the event of a cyber attack or incident. What is not addressed, however, is what the response process should be in the event of a cyber attack on a community. Community leaders do not have direct control or authority over the many disparate organizations within a community but may reasonably be expected to direct the response to such an attack. This paper addresses this issue and makes various recommendations for what communities can do in preparing for a community response to a cyber attack or incident.

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Cyber Security and Government Fusion Centers

Abstract - The Department of Homeland Security has recommended the creation of State, Regional, and Community Fusion Centers. These centers, run by state and local governments, are designed to take what may seem to be disparate pieces of information on a variety of subjects and “fuse” them together to be able to recognize indicators of potential terrorist attacks. These centers are generally staffed with personnel who have intelligence and law enforcement backgrounds. Unfortunately, very few have any concept of the cyber environment and do not know what constitutes indicators of potential cyber attacks. This paper discusses the need to develop a cyber capability in fusion centers and the importance of government involvement in coordinating a state’s, community’s, or region’s cyber defense efforts.

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