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What is the Extended Studies Program?

What is the Extended Studies Program (ESP)?

The Extended Studies Program (ESP) at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) allows non-UTSA students the opportunity to enroll in selected regular undergraduate curriculum courses on a space-available basis.

With a simplified registration process, ESP enrollees enjoy a one-stop registration process administered by the Office of Extended Education. Extended Education staff will assist participants with all aspects of this process, to include obtaining a "class seat" from individual instructors. The decision for admission into a particular course belongs to the course instructor.

ESP is intended for individuals seeking personal and professional development, or for individuals seeking a certificate in a particular discipline sponsored by a UTSA academic department. No degree may be earned through this program.

ESP participants may earn up to 18 credit hours in the program. These hours may be transferred to other higher education institutions, to include UTSA, but only after formal admission and acceptance of these hours are approved/recognized by the accepting university/college of your choice.

ESP participants pay UTSA regular resident or non–resident tuition. Additional ESP fees include registration, parking, "Friends of the Library" card, transcript fees, and other applicable course related fees.

UTSA policies and regulations regarding courses will apply to all ESP students.

Special Notes:

  • ESP participants are enrolled to UTSA and categorized as transient students.  Participants will not receive a valid UTSA ID card.
  • The program is not available to regular (matriculated) UTSA students. Students may not cancel their admission to UTSA for purposes of attending ESP.
  • The program is not available to students who have been academically disqualified or are under disciplinary suspension or expulsion from UTSA.
  • International students can not participate in the program.

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