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A New Year, A New Way

A message from Paralegal Program Coordinator Gloria Brownell

The UTSA Paralegal Program takes pride in being a career-focused learning destination that emphasizes a contemporary curriculum developed by expert instructors, but most importantly, in delivering a program that is accessible to all who are seeking a direct career path into the legal field.

In 2018, we asked current participants to give us feedback on how we, as a community-centric program, can improve. Overwhelmingly, participant's responses centered on the financial hurdles caused by the current program payment structure.

Unlike participants enrolled in academic, for-credit programs, our participants inability to apply for state or federal assistance with program costs may cause them to give up on the paralegal career path. This is not acceptable.

In an effort to dilute the financial barrier to entry, we are excited to announce a new, affordable program payment structure.

Participants will no longer be required to remit all program costs prior to the start of the semester. Participants may now make up to three payments, within eight weeks, after the start of the semester.

In addition, participants will no longer be required to remit a payment plan fee of $200.00. However, a $25.00 transaction fee will be added to each applicable payment, to not exceed $75.00 for the entire payment plan.

The new payment structure is available for both the classroom and online learning modalities.

It is our hope that participants who are committed to success in the legal field will now have one less constraint that detours them from achieving their goal.

Gloria Brownell
Paralegal Program Coordinator

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