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Classroom-Style Course Offerings:

  • Lean Healthcare Daily Management Workshop

    The Best Lean Healthcare organizations has discovered that Lean Daily Management (LDM) is what has been missing and are already implementing LDM to sustain and accelerate Lean Transformation across their organizations.

  • Lean Services and Office Improvement (Kaizen!)

    Lean Thinking is not just for manufacturing. Non-manufacturing operations are becoming the larger part of the global economy; so is the hidden waste in them. This course can benefit both service organizations and manufacturers.

  • Six Sigma - Yellow Belt

    Six Sigma is a customer-oriented, data-driven methodology for continuous improvement. It employs a full range of well-engineered tools to identify root causes, develop solutions, and sustain the results. 

Online Course Offerings:

  • Comprehensive Leadership Training: The course takes a comprehensive look at leadership from most perspectives so as to give the trainees a deep understanding of the roles that they are playing or may be expected to play. At the end of the course the participants will be knowledgeable enough to confidently face the task of leading people in their teams and organizations.
  • Customer Astonishment: The Commitment to World-Class Customer Care: In today`s business environment, a satisfied customer is no longer enough. It is essential to build on solid customer relationships, to listen continuously to recognize changing needs, and to earn the right to offer the very best solutions. This course is led by Darby Checketts, President of Cornerstone Professional Development.
  • Dynamic Workforce Management: Effective personnel management is vital to your business. This course will help you motivate your employees, both individually and as a cohesive workforce, and lead them to your business goals. The class includes video, text, and downloadable resources.
  • Effective Management Principles Within the Law: As the workforce and legal mandates have grown more complex, the need for both managerial skills and awareness of the legal ramifications of management decisions has increased dramatically. Employers cannot afford to allow managers to learn through trial and error; comprehensive management training is necessary to prepare managers for today’s workforce. 
  • Leadership Best Practices: Chad Prewett explores time-tested practices exemplary leaders possess, shows you how to shake loose your hidden talents, fire up your passion to be the best leader possible—and succeed! In this series, learn what you can do right now to motivate, inspire and influence others and develop your own successful leadership style based on their best practices.
  • Leadership & Strategic Planning: When leaders create and communicate their vision, inspire others, implement strategy and champion change, organizations thrive. Our programs will help you enhance your leadership ability to create an environment of trust, credibility and integrity.
  • Market Leadership in an E-Commerce Age: Participants will work with the assumption that e-commerce and the information age have permeated every aspect of their daily lives. The course is expected to raise that awareness through self-assessments and begin to look at the mechanisms and processes of this information e-commerce environment that surrounds us and integrates itself into our daily lives. Participants will inventory their own interactions with e-commerce and complete a cause and effect survey.
  • Management & Leadership Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Training Program: Whether you are in the service or production business, this course provides a proactive method of effective and efficient Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). The CQI process takes into account the methodology of Total Quality Management (TQM) and incorporates it into a continuous process that is ever improving and evolving. Measuring customer satisfaction is at the heart of CQI and specific objective and reliable methods of gathering this data are included. The stages of planning, organizing and implementing CQI lead you step by step toward gaining global market share. 
  • Management & Leadership Decision Support Systems Training Program: This course provides a proactive method of effective and efficient decision making. The decision making process takes into account decision support data. This data includes, but is not limited to demographics, marketing and advertising trends, supply and demand considerations, as well as merger/acquisition susceptibility.
  • Productivity Management & Leadership Success Training Program: This course provides a proactive method of addressing issues of low employee morale, high turnover, and poor productivity/quality. This course evaluates the pros and cons of older and outdated methods of Productivity Management and proposes a new eclectic method with 3 years of proven research efficacy to back it up.
  • Project Management Professional (3 Levels): Learn about Project Management from the experts, in the one on one training that will give the practical knowledge to succeed and the preparation to certify yourself with the Project Management Professional credentials from PMI. Learn to define your project, plan, assess risk, manage time lines and much more. 
  • Six Sigma Management and Leadership Training Program: Find out how Six Sigma is applied in service and product based companies to improve profits and customer satisfaction simultaneously. We will also provide an in depth analysis of Six Sigma strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as we size it up among other popular management and leadership theories and methods. 
  • Teams That Work: This complete course will teach you practical methods for establishing and maintaining teams that maximize the collective strengths of their members. Learners will also acquire valuable team leadership skills. In addition, valuable information about building teams from drafting the initial team charter to making teamwork part of the corporate culture is a point of focus. Topics range from developing leadership and effective communication skills to dealing with team conflict, making decisions, and recognizing performance.
  • Time Management: This course will give you an overview of the top issues related to managing your time effectively at work. You will learn ways to streamline your daily work along with skills that can help you to get more work done in less time.
  • Valuing Diversity in the Workplace: The key to valuing differences is to be appropriate about recognizing them so that they don’t hold us back from performing at the highest level possible. In this course, you will learn about your own attitudes toward diversity along with specific skills to work effectively with other employees who have different backgrounds and training.
  • Working with Difficult People: This course shows you how to identify and to manage a common issue at work - difficult people. You will learn about the people, situations, and interactions that can result in having a difficult time at work. The information presented in this course covers new ways to think about how to deal more effectively with difficult people and situations at work - by changing your thinking and trying some new approaches.


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