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Strategic Advocacy Campaign Workshop Series

UTSA is proud to introduce the Strategic Advocacy Campaign Workshop Series, in partnership with Grupo Omega of San Antonio. The workshop series will introduce participants to advocacy methods that can be implemented to accomplish their organizational or individual advocacy goals.

Currently, social policy issues are at the forefront of our daily lives and as community members actively involved in our organizations or as individual advocates we must be better prepared to address issues now more than ever.

Advocates must be prepared to address, change, and affect policy that support their groups and organizations in the best way possible. Participants will have an opportunity to focus on the methods and tactics required to conduct a successful and strategically well-planned advocacy campaign. And, ultimately make a difference.

The Strategic Advocacy Campaign Workshop Series curriculum will be presented in a non-partisan approach, with a specific focus on strategy, tactics and execution.

  • Identify different types and approaches to advocacy and how each can be applied in different situations

  • Identify and assess specific networking or partnership building opportunities that can contribute to your advocacy goals

  • Describe the basic and real-world applications of effective advocacy

  • Explain the relevance of advocacy to positively affect social change

  • Design and implement multidimensional advocacy strategies and individual interventions

  • Assess the relevance of power and influence that stakeholders contribute to the process of advocating for social change

  • Enhance your advocacy with evidence-based research and analysis and effective political communication

Who Should Attend?

Members of community based groups and organizations, non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations, academics, educators and community based activists.

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