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Major events (large, multi-space, outdoor, etc.) require a planning meeting and should be requested at least one month prior to event for optimal coordination.

Registered Student Organizations Note: Student organizations are allowed up to three (3) authorized requestors who may book space on the Main Campus. Each requestor must take the EMCS RSO Event Workshop, annually. Workshops are now available online. Complete an authorized contact form at RowdyLink.

Step 1:

Determine your space needs and which space most appropriate for your meeting or event.

Step 2:

Get specific information about the space you would like to request – does this space work for your event? Do you have an alternate plan?

Step 3:

Consider what types of activities are allowed in this space. Will there be food, guest speakers, external co-hosts, candles, etc.? Check policies on the EMCS website.

Step 4:

Who reserves the space? Is prior approval needed? Check the UTSA Space Contact Directory.

Step 5:

Is the time and location available for your event? Check the UTSA Calendar "Plan an Event" availability page to be sure that the space you've selected isn't already reserved.

Step 6:

Is it too early to schedule this space? Check Scheduling Considerations and Priority Scheduling Dates.

Step 7:

Are you ready to make a request for your meeting/event? Make a Reservation using the online request form, for the appropriate scheduler for the facility you've researched.

Step 8:

Follow the directions in the confirmation email, complete any additional paperwork & diagrams. Still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at 210.458.4155 or e-mail us at