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Event Workshops

Events Management & Conference Services invites all University event planners to attend a workshop designed cover planning on the Main campus. Topics will include: checking space availability, scheduling space and resources, contacting service providers, and completing appropriate forms and deadlines. Learn what to know and where to go on a de-centralized campus for events of all sizes!


Events Made Simple:
Herding Cats on a De-centralized Campus (FS 117
Events Management & Conference Services invite all faculty and staff event planners to attend this training session on planning and scheduling events on the Main campus. This workshop will also cover joint sponsored events - those which a department/office invites outside organizations to host an event on campus. Register for this class through the Human Resources Training & Development TX Class

Sign up on the Human Resources TX Class at https://mytraining.utsa.edu/td/

Events Made Simple (FS 117)
Joint Sponsored Events (FS 317)

Registered Student Organizations

RSO Workshop is REQUIRED to request space on the main campus.

To request space on the Main Campus, authorized requestors (3 per organization) must complete the online workshop Events:Possible.

Events Possible Workshop

To take the online workshop, you must take the following steps:

1. Go to http://uc.utsa.edu/moodle. You will need to authenticate with your myUTSA ID and passphrase.

2. Register by creating your profile. Make sure you enter a valid email.

3. Check your email for the message that validates your information. Click on the link in the email to take you back to the course.

4. Your profile will appear. Click on Home at the bottom of the page. This takes you to the Available Courses page.

5. Click on the Events: Possible Workshop. You will be asked to enroll for the course.

6. Once you are enrolled you can begin the course. Make sure you take the quiz and the evaluation at the end of the course.

Questions?  Contact Events Management at EMCSevents@utsa.edu or 458-4155.