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How do I bring a non-university organization to my event?
These types of groups can come to campus through a joint sponsorship process. Please review HOP 8.5, HOP 9.37 section VIII and BOR 80105 and contact EMCS for further clarification.

How do I advertise my event on the UTSA Events Calendar?
The web calendar allows us to highlight some special events as “Featured Events” and can be requested from an Event Manager on the reservation form. “Featured Events” must fall under the following criteria:
• Event is requested through online request form with a proper description.
• Event must be open to the general public and must appeal to a wide audience (expected attendance greater than 100).
• Event must meet UTSA's mission, vision and core values.

What if I leave my belongings in a room after an event?
Any items found in the University Center are sent to the UC Information Center (210) 458-4735. At the end of the day, all items are sent to the UTSA Police Department (210) 458-4242.

Where is amplified music allowed?
Amplified music is allowed at several UTSA locations. See Peaceful Public Assembly Policy 9.37.Those desiring sound amplification should discuss their needs with their event manager.UC Staff will determine appropriate sound levels for amplified sound in and around the UC.

How do I request recycle bins at my event?
Requests for recycle bins can be made by calling the Environmental, Health, Safety, and Risk Management Department at (210) 458-5250

When is security required at my event?
UTSA Police may be required for social events, late night events and events serving alcohol. UTSA PD will determine requirements per event. Fees will apply. The use of wristbands in the UC may be required for entrance at these events.

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