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2.14 - Roost Gameroom:

The Roost Gameroom is funded by the University Center fee paid by all students. Because all students pay for The Roost it must be available to all students. Reserving The Roost for private events during business hours or allowing non-UTSA guests to use The Roost reduces the ability for UTSA students to use the resource for which they pay.

The Roost Gameroom is available for the enjoyment and convenience first for UTSA students and then for faculty, staff and their guests. A valid UTSA ID card is required to check out any Roost Gameroom resources. UTSA ID holders must accompany non-UTSA guests at all times. Individuals in violation of this policy will be asked to leave The Roost and may be referred to their host groups or to UTSA PD. Children must be supervised per UTSA HOP 9.13 and the UC policy on unsupervised children.

The Roost is generally not available for special events. Any special events allowed in The Roost at the discretion of the Director or designee may not displace UTSA students and must occur outside normal operating hours. Labor fees as indicated on the UC Resource, Facility and Labor Fee Schedule will apply.

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Last Revised: 6/28/12