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2.17 - Use of UC or Privately owned Equipment in the UC:

When equipment—as simple as tables and chairs or as complex as an audio mixing board—is used by someone who is untrained, both the equipment and the facility could be damaged leading to a lack of availability of the facility and its resources. Equipment brought in by outside vendors may not be compatible with existing University Center (UC) systems and meeting spaces. This policy exists to ensure both UC-owned and privately owned equipment is used appropriately in the UC.

Only UC personnel are allowed to operate, set-up or take down UC equipment and resources. Certain resources such as meeting room computers, microphones and projectors may be used by clients under UC staff supervision.  Tables and chairs must be moved by UC staff.

Audio visual equipment or other resources provided by clients or their vendors may only be connected to electrical outlets following a consultation with UC Operations staff and may not be connected to any other UC system. UC staff may not operate equipment provided by clients or their vendors.

UC equipment and resources are only available for use in the UC and the surrounding grounds (UC Paseo, UC Lawns, Ski Lodge Patio, etc.) and not in academic spaces or other meeting spaces on the UTSA main campus.

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Last Revised: 6/13/12