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Customer Service Standards

Texas Govt. Code | UTSA Principles | Financial Affairs Complaints Process


The State's government code on customer service (Chapter 2114) outlines these items of assessment:
»Staff courtesy, friendliness, knowledge ability, and identity including use of name plates
   or name tags.
»Facilities including the customer's ability to access the office location, signs, and
»Communications including telephone access, hold times, and access to a live person,
   letters, or e-mail.
»Internet site ease of use, quality of information, further contact information.
»Complaint handling processes.
»Timeliness for in-person, phone, website, or written correspondence.
»Brochures and other printed information accuracy and effectiveness.
At the institutional level, UTSA complies with 'Compact with Texans'.

UTSA Principles

As service providers, University departments are guided by the following principles:
»Customers will be treated with dignity and respect.
»Customers will be promptly provided with accurate information in a professional
   and courteous manner.
»Customer inquiries will be answered with informed responses in the shortest time possible.
»Response times may vary according to the nature of the particular service requested.
»Response times may be influenced by specific format constraints, regulatory requirements, the    particular time of program year, any specialized procedures that must be followed, or any    involvement with external offices.
»Customers will be referred to another office only after staff attempts to assist either through    phone contact or to verify the proper office to which the individual should be referred.

Financial Affairs Complaints Process

Complaints about Financial Affairs services or department personnel are handled as follows:
»Customer complaints will be reviewed and an initial response will be provided within 2 - 3    business days. Periodic contact with customers will be maintained until the complaint is    resolved.
»Customer complaints will be referred to the department involved to insure effective and efficient    resolution. University officials will determine if circumstances dictate that another process is    appropriate.
»The administrator of the area - "service provider" may conduct an informal review of the cause and    origination of the complaint to assess if a process review is needed to prevent further complaints    and/or increase efficiency and service level.
»Customers may submit complaints to:
      »The specific department head with which the customer has experienced dissatisfaction, or
      »The UTSA Student Ombudsperson.

Last Revised: 01/15/09

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