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Welcome to Financial Services & University Bursar

MISSION: Provide UTSA students, faculty and staff with relevant, accurate and reliable financial and property accounting services. We deliver efficient, student-friendly and customer-focused service in support of the university's overall mission.

VISION: Providing solutions to customer concerns with innovative financial and property accounting options.


What's New
03/26/2014: Surplus Property Turn-In (Continuation Sheet) - Updated revision date to mirror turn-in form.
03/26/2014: Surplus Property Turn-In - Added “Where Property Is Located” next to “Campus”, “Buildin", " "Room #."
03/14/2014: Surplus Property Turn-In - Added "Department ID" next to "Unit Code" to prepare for PeopleSoft transfer.
03/14/2014: Surplus Property Turn-In (Continuation Sheet) - Added "Department ID" next to "Unit Code" to prepare for PeopleSoft transfer.
01/08/2014: Surplus Property Turn-In - Changed the “Contact” to “Inventory Contact Person (ICP)”.
01/08/2014: Surplus Property Turn-In (Continuation Sheet) - Changed the “Contact” to “Inventory Contact Person (ICP)”.
08/20/2013: Stolen/Recovered Property Report - Added signature block for Chair/AVP in the Required Signature block portion. Revision date at the bottom right hand corner updated.
08/20/2013: Certification of Departmental Annual Physical Inventory - Changed fiscal year (FY) from 12-13 to 13-14. Last revision date changed from 8/11/13 to 8/20/13.
08/02/2013: Inventory Contact Person (ICP) Appointment - Fiscal Year changed to 13-14. Updated revision date at the bottom right hand corner.
01/16/2013: Inventory Transaction - Form now contains instructions 1 thru 3. In the Controlled/Capital block- deleted two rows to make room to add instructions. OFFICAL/CHAIR signature block title changed to read 'REQUIRED ON ALL TRANSFER AND BARCODE REPLACEMENT REQUESTS." Final block changed wording to, "INVENTORY DEPARTMENTAL PERSONNEL," added check box, "VERIFIED BY (INITIALS):" and the "DATE:".




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