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Welcome to Financial Services & University Bursar

MISSION: Provide UTSA students, faculty and staff with relevant, accurate and reliable financial and property accounting services. We deliver efficient, student-friendly and customer-focused service in support of the university's overall mission.

VISION: Providing solutions to customer concerns with innovative financial and property accounting options.

What's New
08/30/2016: Guaranteed Tuition Plan Application Form - Removed Rebates information.
08/01/2016: Credit Card Processing Methods - Quick Reference Chart - 2.25% Credit Card Charge added throughout form.
08/01/2016: Credit Card Payment Form - 2.25% Credit Card Charge added throughout form.
07/28/2016: Inventory Contact Person (ICP) Appointment - Updated form for 2016 - 2017.
07/14/2016: Surplus Property Turn-In - Changed- “Department Head” to “Department Manager” and Changed Footer revision date to 14 July 2016 Changed- Footer revision date to 14 July 2016.
05/19/2016: Administration and Management of Capital Assets & Controlled Property - Update to all sections of operational guideline to follow current standards of practice.
05/18/2016: Surplus Property Turn-In (Continuation Sheet) - Enabled the customers to type in the entire date field. (the Field was only allowing for 5 Characters)
05/18/2016: Surplus Property Turn-In - Enabled the customers to type in the Head/Chair Title and date fields (both fields were not allowing the customer to insert information).
05/04/2016: Surplus Property - Revised to define Athletic Memorabilia; Provided examples of disposal hierarchy per BOR 80201; Provide specific language on required compliance.
03/04/2016: Surplus Property Turn-In - Update to Unit Cost Block and Corrected spelling errors.




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