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Section 9: Travel

Travel Authorization (TA)

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Lenora Chapman, Associate Vice President, Financial Affairs

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Assistant Vice President, Financial Affairs and  Controller

Disbursements and Travel Services



To provide guidance for completing and processing a Travel Authorization (TA). This guideline applies to employees and students who are traveling for UTSA (non-employees are not required to complete a TA but must have a written agreement stating that UTSA will reimburse or pay their travel expenses).


  • UT System Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations Rule 20801 requires institutions to issue regulations covering authorization for travel.

  • UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP)  9.46 - Travel Policy


Table of Contents

A. Overview

The Travel Authorization (TA) is used to authorize travel for UTSA employees and students. Non-employees who are traveling on UTSA business are not required to complete a TA, but must have a written agreement (such as a contract) indicating that UTSA will reimburse or pay the non-employee’s travel expenses.

The TA must be completed and approved for travel authorization regardless of whether UTSA pays for any portion of the travel expenses. EXAMPLE:  If travel is being paid by a third party. ( See FMOG - Travel Reimbursement).

The TA must be completed and approved for travel authorization regardless of whether UTSA pays for any portion of the travel expenses. EXAMPLE:  If travel is being paid by a 3rd party. (see FMOG - Travel Reimbursement).

B. Completing the Travel Authorization

For employees (including student employees), the TA is completed using the Travel Authorization screen in the UTShare/PeopleSoft Travel and Expense module (a paper TA form is used for non-employee students).  The TA must be final approved before Day One of travel; otherwise the travel is considered unauthorized and treated as an exception requiring Vice President approval.  The following information is needed to complete the TA:

  • Traveler's name and Employee ID number
  • Dates of travel
  • Destination
  • Purpose and benefit of trip to UTSA
  • Disposition of duties while traveling
  • Total travel cost to encumber and the Fund-Department-Cost Center-Function to be charged.  If there will be expenses associated with the trip charged to UTSA, the total anticipated travel cost and at least one Fund-Department-Cost Center-Function is required, regardless of the dollar amount and method of payment. For more information on Chart of Accounts elements (Fund, Department, Cost Center, Function etc.), see FMOG - Chart of Accounts.
  • For travel funded by state or federal funds, lodging rates that exceed the General Services Administration (GSA) rate must be indicated as such, and must be specifically approved before travel begins.  For more information on state and federal funds see FMOG - Chart of Accounts.
  • For more information see Processing Travel Advances and Reimbursements.

C. Processing and Retention Requirements

The TA authorization process requires the following approvals:

  • Traveler’s supervisor 
  • Principal Investigator (if applicable)
  • Department Manager
  • Foreign travel must also be approved by the International Oversight Committee (if applicable)

NOTE: Please note that foreign travel requires additional approval from the UTSA international oversight committee for areas that the U.S. Department of State has issued a Travel Warning, or where significant health and/or safety concerns are present.

The TA is filed in the office of the final approval. This office is responsible for forwarding a copy of the approved TA to the department originating the travel and the DTS office.

D. Corrections, Unauthorized Travel, and Other Changes

The initiator cannot make changes to a TA after submission for approval unless the approver sends the TA back to the initiator for cancelation or revision before approval. If an approved TA needs to be changed or canceled, please use the Travel Authorization Form (TAF).


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  1. Student Travel Authorization Form

  2. Travel Authorization Form (TAF)


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