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Section 3: Fund Accounting Principles

Establishing, Modifying, and Inactivating a Department ID and SpeedChart/Cost Center

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Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs

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Assistant Vice President, Financial Affairs and Controller


To provide information and guidance for the establishment and maintenance of a Department ID and/or the associated financial Chartfield values for non-sponsored and non-capital project funds. For information on sponsored projects contact the appropriate Research Service Center, and for information on capital projects see UTSA Financial Management Operational Guidelines (FMOGs) - Capital Projects Managed by the UT System Office of Facilities Planning and Construction, and Institutionally Managed Capital Projects.


This guideline is in accordance with UT System policy UTS142.1 – Policy on the Annual Financial Report, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), and established fund accounting and internal control principles.


Table of Contents

A. Overview

All UTSA expenditures and revenues are recorded in the UTSA financial accounting system using information based on the Chart of Accounts. Two important elements of the Chart of Accounts are Department ID and the associated SpeedChart(s)/Cost Center(s).  For more information on Department IDs, SpeedCharts/Cost Centers, and the Chart of Accounts, see FMOG - Chart of Accounts.

Changes in Department IDs and SpeedCharts/Cost Centers are sometimes necessary as a result of reorganizations and other changes. UTSA provides centralized coordination and processing of these changes in order to:
  1. Facilitate accurate and timely financial accounting and reporting;
  2. Enhance internal control by providing a uniform process, consistent treatment, and accountability; and
  3. Help ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

For adding or requesting changes to a Department ID and/or SpeedChart/Cost Center for non-sponsored, non-capital project funds, use the Chart of Accounts (COA) Maintenance Request Form.

B. Chart of Accounts (COA) Maintenance Request Form

To request addition, modification or inactivation of SpeedCharts/Cost Centers, and addition or modification of Department IDs, submit a completed Chart of Accounts (COA) Maintenance Request Form as follows.
  1. Download the form and instructions.
  2. Follow the instructions to complete the form. If additional assistance is needed contact Accounting Services.
  3. Send the completed form as an email attachment to Accounting Services and save a copy of the form.

The Department Manager or designee and the person completing the form will be notified of the disposition of the request by email. If you do not receive a response within two business days, contact Accounting Services.

NOTE: Accounting Services reserves the right to limit or question requests that do not meet financial reporting requirements.


None at this time.


UT System policy UTS142.1 – Policy on the Annual Financial Report


  1. Chart of Accounts Maintenance Request Form Instructions
  2. Chart of Accounts Maintenance Request Form


Date Description
02/21/17 Updated for consistency with Financial Affairs Customer Services standards.
01/03/17 Updated for consistency with Financial Affairs Customer Services standards.
05/22/14 Changed Title from "Establishing, Modifying and Inactivating a Account" to "Establishing, Modifying and Inactivating a Department ID and SpeedChart/Cost Center."
05/01/14 Updated DEFINE information for transition to PeopleSoft.
05/01/12 Deleted the Account Administrator, Account Number, Budget Group, Subaccount, NACUBO Program Codes and Unit Code definitions from this FMOG and redirected hyperlinks to applicable sections in FMOG – Chart of Accounts.
02/23/12 Published new FMOG to be effective on 04/19/12.

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