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Section 8: Payroll and Fringe Benefits

Off-Cycle Payroll Checks

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Lenora Chapman, Associate Vice President, Financial Affairs

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Payroll Office


This guideline outlines the procedure for requesting and processing a manual payroll check between regular scheduled paydays (off-cycle).
Off-cycle payroll check processing is an exception and is not intended to be used as an alternative to submitting accurate employee payroll information in a timely manner. 


  • University of Texas System Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations Rule 30102 - General Appointment Information

  • Texas Government Code Chapter 659, Subchapter F -  Method and Frequency of Payment 


Table of Contents

A. Overview

An off-cycle payroll check is a manual check that is processed between regular scheduled paydays on an exception basis due to missing or incorrect pay on the previous regular scheduled payday

Administrators must ensure that their departments comply with payroll processing published deadlines for the approval of job and positional hiring, position and pay rate changes, and time and labor data entry to reduce the need for requesting off-cycle payroll checks. 

If an off-cycle payroll check is to be requested, administrators must ensure that individual employees and supervisors understand and adhere to this guideline.

Off-cycle payroll checks are subject to the following requirements:

  • Because off-cycle payroll checks are manual, direct deposit is not available.
  • Off-cycle payroll checks are issued for the missing pay amount less taxes, deductions, and other applicable payroll adjustments.
  • Off-cycle payroll check requests must be initiated within three business days after the regular scheduled payday to allow checks to be issued on the fifth business day after the regular scheduled payday. Request is time sensitive and earlier submission is highly suggested. (Perhaps need stronger language that need to submit on first and second days, the third day is the deadline date)
  • All employees must pick up their off-cycle payroll checks in person at the Payroll Services Office (Payroll); photo identification is required.
  • Salaried employees (paid monthly) are paid on the monthly off-cycle payday, and hourly employees (paid semi-monthly) are paid on the semi-monthly off-cycle payday (see Off-Cycle Payroll Check Processing Cycle).
  • Even though missing pay is otherwise eligible for an off-cycle payroll check, if an off-cycle payroll check request is not submitted by the third business day after the regular scheduled payday, the employee will receive the amount on the following regular scheduled payday.


B. Eligibility

Off-cycle checks may be requested when:

  • An employee’s position change, job change, hire/rehire action request, pay rate change, time and labor data entry, or payroll voucher submission did not meet the Human Resources (HR) or Payroll processing published deadlines; and
  • The requested retroactive payment for consideration is regular salary or hourly wages; and
  • The regular salary or wage retroactive payment is at least:
    • $70 for all student employees and other employees with a FTE <=  to 0.5; or
    • $250 for all other employees with a FTE > 0.5; and
  • The employee experiences and declares a financial hardship situation due to the missing earnings by signing the Off-Cycle Payroll Check Request form. 


C. Non-Eligible Pay Types

 Off-cycle payroll checks will not be issued for the Pay Types listed below, either because they are required to be system-generated or they are ineligible for classification as hardship payments.

  • Supplemental Assignment Pay
  • Longevity Pay
  • Hazardous Duty pay
  • University Salary Supplement Pay
  • Overtime Payouts
  • Retroactive regular salary or wages less than $70 or $250, depending on employee classification and FTE (see Eligibility)
  • Earnings requested via Termination Payroll Voucher Request, which may include regular wages, vacation, sick and floating holiday pay
  • Special Lump Sum Voucher Payments             

D. Pay Advance Restriction

Per Article 3 Sections 50 and 52(a) of the Texas Constitution, as a state agency, The University of Texas at San Antonio does not have authority to issue credit to individuals.  The off-cycle payroll check process cannot be used to provide credit to an employee, and as such, cannot be used to issue advance pay against future payday(s) or any pay not yet earned by the employee.

E.  Off-Cycle Payroll Check Request

The employee or the employee’s approving administrator may initiate the Off-Cycle Payroll Check Request.        

  1. Departmental staff and/or employee determine or provide the estimated amount that was not paid to the employee on the regular scheduled payroll. 
  2. Departmental staff and/or employee determine eligibility for an off-cycle payroll check (final eligibility determination is made by Payroll after submission of the Off-Cycle Payroll Check Request).
  3. Departmental staff must ensure that:
    1. All required information related to the Off-Cycle Payroll Check Request has been submitted to the appropriate centralized processing office (HR or the Budget Office) if the missing pay item is job-, position-, or pay rate change-related; or
    2. The Timekeeper has the timesheet which has been approved by the supervisor, and the time and absence data has been entered, approved, and all exceptions (time entries) are resolved.
  4. The Employee acknowledges by signature that the missing pay being requested on the Off-Cycle Payroll Check Request has imposed a financial hardship and the employee agrees to the off-cycle payroll check pickup requirements.
  5. The employee’s supervisor and approving administrator (financial authority) certifies for accuracy and completeness of the following items:
    1. Amount requested
    2. Off-cycle eligibility
    3. Submission of all pay-related documentation
  6. Submit the completed form to Payroll via email ( or fax (210.458.4236).

F.  Payroll Services Procedure

Upon receipt of an Off-Cycle Payroll Check Request, the Director or Assistant Director of Payroll Services reviews the request and related documentation for eligibility, accuracy (including verification of the requested amount) and completeness.   

Payroll will not issue an off-cycle payroll check unless proper authorization is secured, submitted documentation has been processed by the employee’s departmental and divisional area, and the applicable central processing areas have received the employee’s compensation data related to the Off-Cycle Payroll Check Request.

Payroll will notify the department originator or employee regarding the disposition of the Off-Cycle Payroll Check Request (approved or declined) or if additional information or clarification is needed.

Upon approval, Payroll will process the Off-Cycle Payroll Check Request according to the off-cycle payroll check processing cycle. (See Off-Cycle Payroll Check Processing Cycle.)


G.  Off-Cycle Payroll Check Pickup

The employee for whom the off-cycle payroll check is requested (payee) must pick up the check at the Payroll Office in person, and must present a photo ID and sign an acknowledgment of receipt for the check.


H.  Off-Cycle Payroll Check Processing Cycle

Off-cycle paydays are five business days after the regular scheduled payday in which the missing earnings would have been paid. 

  • The off-cycle payroll process begins the day after the regular scheduled payday.
  • The off-cycle processing period is open for three business days, during which departments may submit Off-Cycle Payroll Check Requests. During this period, depending on the nature of the  missing payment and type of employee, the following processing offices or individuals may be involved in processing the request:
    • HR – Day One Office
    • HR – Absence Management Office
    • HR – Benefits Office
    • Budget Office – Commitment Accounting area (funding)
    • Payroll – Time & Labor area
    • Payroll – Payroll area
    • Payee or payee’s supervisor – If additional information or clarification is needed by a central processing area listed above
  • The fourth business day is the off-cycle payroll finalization processing day.
    • Payroll ensures all items previous to this step are completed for all submitted requests, resolves all UTShare/PeopleSoft processing issues, and prepares data for:
      • Accounting Services
      • Treasury Services (banking) to authorize off-cycle payroll checks to be accepted for negotiation and processing by UTSA’s financial institution
  • Off-Cycle Checks are ready to be picked up by payees at 9:00 a.m. on the fifth business day after the regular scheduled payday


Off-Cycle Payroll Check Processing Period
Business days after regular scheduled payday:

Regular Scheduled Payday

Off-Cycle Payroll Check Request Period Open

Finalization Processing Day



1st through 3rd



Off-Cycle Paydays
Day of the month:


Pay Period

Regular Scheduled Payday

Off-Cycle Payroll Check Request Period Open

Finalization Process Day

Off-Cycle Payday


1st through 31st


2nd through 4th




1st through 15th


23rd through 25th




16th through 31st


8th through 10th



Note: The actual off-cycle payday will fluctuate because weekends and holidays are not counted as business days. These examples do not include non-business days.


None at this time.



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