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Section 8: Payroll and Fringe Benefits

Emergency Checks

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Approved By:

Lenora Chapman, Associate Vice President, Financial Affairs

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Director of Payroll Management Services


Outlines the emergency payroll check procedure for a department or employee submitting a request for salaried, hourly or occasional/casual employees.


Authority is provided by the University of Texas Board of Regent’s Rules and Regulations, Rule: 30102 General Appointment Information and Texas State Legislature, Government Code: Title 6, Subtitle B, Chapter 659, Subchapter F. Method and Frequency of Payment.

Account administrators must comply and approve appointment and voucher expenditures in a timely manner. Each administrator must ensure that individual employees and their supervisors understand and properly administer this policy.


Table of Contents

A. Employee Eligibility

Emergency checks can only be requested when:

  1. An employee’s appointment or pay voucher did not meet the Payroll processing deadline, and;

  2. The employee is eligible for regular salary or wages, and;

  3. The regular salary or wage payroll payment is more than $100, and;

  4. The employee experiences a financial hardship situation due to the missed payroll.

NOTE: Final determination is the authority of the Payroll Office.

B. Emergency Check Restrictions

An emergency check is an off-cycle (outside the normal payroll process) payroll check. Off-cycle checks are not processed during the regular payroll cycle and the following deviations apply:

  • Direct deposit is not available

  • Due to possible payroll calculation adjustments, an emergency check pays 90-percent of an estimated owed payment.

    NOTE: The difference between the actual amount owed and the amount paid via an emergency check is processed and paid on the next regular payroll cycle.

  • Emergency checks must be picked up in person at Payroll Services (Payroll) by the requesting employee; photo identification is required.

C. Non-Eligible Pay Categories

Emergency checks cannot be issued for the following pay categories:

NOTE: Pay categories listed below are either required to be system paid or are considered non-hardship payments.

  • Supplemental appointment payments

  • Longevity pay

  • Hazard pay

  • Overtime hour compensation

  • Past due regular salary or wages less than $100

  • All termination pay: includes regular wages, vacation, sick and floating holiday

  • Special lump sum voucher payments

D. Pay Advances

Per the Texas Constitution, Article 3 Section 50 & 52a, as a state agency, The University of Texas of San Antonio does not have the authority to issue credit to individuals. The emergency check process cannot be used to provide credit to an employee, and as such, cannot be used as a payment vehicle to issue a pay advance against any future payday(s) to any employee.

E. Emergency Check Pickup Instructions

Emergency checks are generally available (depending on deadlines and the time of day the request is received) within one to two business days from the approval date. Department administrators must provide the check pickup date to the requesting employee.

NOTE: Payroll will provide the department with the check pickup date.

Emergency checks must be picked up at Payroll Services in person by the requesting employee (payee). The employee must present a photo ID and provide their signature, acknowledging receipt of the emergency check.

F. Department Initiated Emergency Check Requests – Procedures

Department administrators may request an emergency check on behalf of an employee by completing the following:

  1. Determine if the employee is eligible for an emergency check.

    NOTE: The employee must satisfy the eligibility requirements before an emergency check can be requested. Final determination is the authority of the Payroll Office.

  2. Notify the affected employee of the missed payroll and option of receiving an emergency check.

    NOTE: You must also advise the employee of the emergency check limitations.

  3. If the employee agrees and authorizes the department to submit the emergency check request, the department must advise the employee of the emergency check pickup instructions.

  4. Complete the Emergency Check Request form and submit the completed form to Payroll via email at

    • If the preparer is not the same as the approving department administrator or delegate, then the department administrator or delegate must be copied when submitting the request.

      NOTE: This form can only be submitted via email.

    • You must ensure all related electronic and physical documents, as listed on the form are completed and/or contain a ‘Final Approved’ status.

  5. If the request is approved by Payroll, the department must notify the employee of the emergency check pick up date, when available.

G. Employee Initiated Emergency Check Requests - Procedures

Employees may contact Payroll directly to initiate an emergency check request.

Payroll will collect the employee’s information and contact the appropriate department administrator to confirm the employee’s request.

If the employee is eligible, Payroll will request an Emergency Check Request Form from the department to be submitted by end of business day. See Department Initiated Emergency Check Requests - Procedures for more information.

H. Payroll Services Procedures

Upon receipt of an emergency check request, the Payroll Supervisor or Director of Payroll will review the department’s request for eligibility and required documentation.

Payroll will notify the department if the request is approved, declined or if additional information is needed.

Upon approval, Payroll will process the emergency check request. Payroll will provide the department with a check pickup date.


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