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Standing Committees

ADA Accessibility Committee

The ADA Accessibility Committee will review and address the systemic ADA accessibility needs and issues that arise at UTSA. The ADA committee serves in an advisory capacity and makes recommendations to the President of The University of Texas at San Antonio as necessary in order to coordinate and improve the University's efforts to provide programs, activities, and facilities that are accessible in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008.

Structure: 18 members

1 at-large faculty representative
1 student representative
1 representative from Academic Affairs
1 representative from Research
1 representative from Student Affairs
1 representative from Downtown Community Engagement
1 representative from the Office of Student Disability Services
1 representative from Campus Services
1 representative from the Office of Facilities
1 representative from University Communications and Marketing
1 representative from the Office of Information Technology (ex officio)
1 representative from Online Learning
1 representative from the Office of Institutional Compliance and Risk Services (ex officio)
1 representative from the Library
1 representative from Human Resources
1 representative from Legal Affairs (ex officio)
ADA Coordinator (ex officio)


John Quarles

At-large faculty representative


Michael Barbosa Student representative 8/31/2019
Lisa Firmin Academic Affairs 8/31/2020
Yolanda Acosta Research 8/31/2020
Carol Gonzalez Student Affairs 8/31/2020
Richard Harris Downtown Community Engagement 8/31/2021
Dianne Hengst Student Disability Services 8/31/2021
Clay Haverland Campus Services 8/31/2019
Benjamin Perry Facilities 8/31/2019
Shashi Pinheiro University Communications and Marketing 8/31/2021
Ben Garcia Office of Information Technology Ex Officio
Benjamin Garrison Online Learning 8/31/2021
James Weaver Institutional Compliance and Risk Services Ex Officio
Carolyn Ellis, Chair Library 8/31/2020
David Diaz Human Resources 8/31/2020
John Danner Legal Affairs Ex Officio
Annette Rabago ADA Coordinator Ex Officio
Last updated 8/28/2018