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Standing Committees

Graduation Ceremonies Committee

The charge of the Committee is to undertake the planning and supervision of graduation ceremonies. The Committee is appointed by and responsible to the President with recommendations by the Committee on Committees. Members shall serve two-year terms. No member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms.

Structure: 15 members

2 at-large faculty members
1 undergraduate student
1 graduate student
1 member of the UTSA Alumni Association
Representative from Alumni Programs
Executive Director, Office of Special Events
Graduation Coordinator II
Representative from Facilities Services
Representative from Bookstore
Representative from UTSA Police Department
Representative from Department of Music
Director of Downtown Registrar Operations
Representative from College of Business
Registrar or designees


Si Millican College of Liberal and Fine Arts 8/31/2018
Elaine Sanders College of Business 8/31/2017
Vivian Cortez Undergraduate student 8/31/2017
Zach Linge Graduate student 8/31/2017
Philip Morales Alumni Association 8/31/2017
Anne Englert Alumni Programs Ex officio
Patricia Graham, Chair Executive Director, Office of Special Events Ex officio
Kayla Larsen Graduation Coordinator II Ex officio
John Japhet Facilities Services Ex officio
Teresa Bradshaw Bookstore Representative Ex officio
Doug Sonego UTSA Police Department Ex officio
Ron Ellis Department of Music Ex officio
Fred Hample Director of Downtown Registrar Operations Ex officio
Karen Williams College of Business Ex officio
Joseph Decristoforo Office of the Registrar Ex officio

Last updated 9/9/2016