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Standing Committees

Staff Coordinating Group for Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs)

The HUB Staff Coordinating Group provides staff advice and counsel regarding implementation of all aspects of the university’s HUB Program. A major responsibility of this committee is to develop recommendations to the HUB Program Manager to improve the facilitation of the HUB program. Committee members are appointed by the President. The Vice President for Business Affairs, or designee, chairs the committee.

Structure: 7-12 Members minimum

Antonio Alvarez Lab Facility Coordinator
Barry McKinney Associate Dean of Students
Bob Miller Director, Budgets
Clay Haverland Asst VP, Campus Services
Courtney Clevenger Asst Director of University Communications
Elba Ramos Business Manager
Herbert Ganey Executive Director, Student Union
James Weaver Executive Director, Institutional Compliance and Risk
Jessica Fernandez Director, Contracts/Indust AG
Kelly Garza Assistant Director, Academic Budgets
Orestes Hubbard Director, Minority Business Ent Ct
Robert Daniel Business Manager
Sherman Corbett Associate Athletics Director
Terri Williams Director, Technology Center
Richard Wollney Contract Manager

Last updated 10/15/2018