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Standing Committees

Extended Education Committee

The Committee will provide advice to the Vice President for Extended Education on University policies and procedures for extended education. The Committee will be appointed by the President, with recommendations from the Committee on Committees. Members shall serve two-year terms except for the student members who shall serve a one-year term. No member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms.

Structure: 16 members

1 faculty member from each college (7 total)
1 member external to UTSA (representing community extended education interests)
1 member of the UTSA Alumni Association
Director of Extended Education
Regional Director of Small Business Development Center
Director for Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security
Vice President of Community Services
AVP Institute for Economic Development
2 students

Shelley Roff Associate Professor, College of Architecture 8/31/2014
Victor Heller, Chair Associate Professor, College of Business 8/31/2014
Anita Leffel Senior Lecturer, College of Business 8/31/2014
John Zhang Professor, College of Education and Human Development 8/31/2015
John Simonis Senior Lecturer, College of Engineering 8/31/2015
Rhonda Gonzales Associate Professor, College of Liberal and Fine Arts 8/31/2014
Michael Gilbert Associate Professor, College of Public Policy 8/31/2015
Craig Jordan Senior Lecturer, College of Sciences 8/31/2014
Jeffrey Foote Broadway Bank, member external to UTSA 8/31/2015
Linda Montgomery UTSA Alumni Association 8/31/2015
Frank Salazar Director of Extended Education Ex officio
Albert Salgado Regional Director of Small Business Development Center Ex officio
Greg White Director of Center for Infrastructure Assurance Ex officio
Jude Valdez Vice President of Community Services Ex officio
Robert McKinley AVP Institute for Economic Development Ex officio
Salina Cram Student representative 8/31/2014
Nicole Ney Student representative 8/31/2014
Last updated 8/26/2013