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Standing Committees

University Scholarship Committee

The Committee is charged with selecting recipients for those scholarships with subjective selection. Members shall serve two-year terms. No member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms.

Structure:  16 members

1 faculty member from each college (7 total)
1 representative from the Honors College
1 member of the UTSA Alumni Association
Assistant VP of Student Affairs
Director of Financial Aid
Assistant VP of Admissions and Outreach
Executive Director, Development
Financial Affairs, Associate Vice President
Scholarship Officer
Development Officer


Sedef Doganer Assistant Professor, College of Architecture 8/31/2014
Michael McDonald Associate Professor, College of Business 8/31/2014
John Zhang Professor, College of Education and Human Development 8/31/2014
Eugene John Professor, College of Engineering 8/31/2015
Alistair Welchman Assistant Professor, College of Liberal and Fine Arts 8/31/2014
Jamie Newsome Lecturer III, College of Public Policy 8/31/2015
Qi Tian Associate Professor, College of Sciences 8/31/2014
Ann Eisenberg Honors College Ex officio
Ed Zapata Alumni Association 8/31/2014
Diana Martinez Director of Financial Aid Ex officio
George Norton, Chair Assistant Vice President of Admissions and Outreach Ex officio
Gary Lott Financial Affairs, Director of Financial Services and Bursar Ex officio
Melanie Martinez Student Financial Aid Ex officio
Kimberly West Executive Director of Advancement, Development Office Ex officio
Sam Gonzales Interim VP, Student Affairs Ex officio

Last updated 4/23/2014