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Standing Committees

Parking and Traffic Committee

The charge of this committee is to review the Parking and Traffic Regulations for the University of Texas at San Antonio, UTSA Downtown, and the Institute of Texan Cultures. A major responsibility of this committee is to develop recommendations for revisions in the parking regulation as are necessary to ensure an efficient and safe parking and traffic system. Considerations may include permit and enforcement fees, parking zones, bicycles and motorcycle traffic, and pedestrian paths. A separate committee, the Parking Appeals Panel meets monthly, or more often as needed, to hear appeals for parking and traffic violations. The Committee shall also meet prior to early registration and regular registration for each semester. The Committee will be appointed by the President or Provost and be responsible to the Vice President for Student Affairs with recommendations from the Committee on Committees. Members shall serve two-year terms except for the student members who shall serve a one-year term. No member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms.

Structure:  17 members

4 faculty members at-large
4 staff members at-large (one who is the Staff Council parking subcommittee chair)
4 students
1 Facilities Representative
1 Campus Services Representative
1 University Police Representative
1 Human Resources Compliance Representative
1 Alumni Programs Representative


Norma Guerra Faculty representative 8/31/2018
Richard LeBaron Faculty representative 8/31/2018
Gail Pizzola Faculty representative 8/31/2018
Melissa Murata Faculty representative 8/31/2019
Laura Giacomoni Staff representative 8/31/2019
Jason Vasquez Staff representative 8/31/2019
Jeffrey Ragsdale Staff representative 8/31/2018
John Shaffer Staff representative / Staff Council Parking Subcommittee Chair 8/31/2018
Kate Falconer Student representative 8/31/2018
Michael Murphy Student representative 8/31/2018
Rachel Jendrzey Student representative 8/31/2018
Justin Guerra Student representative 8/31/2018
Joseph Stilwill Facilities Representative Ex officio
Clay Haverland Campus Services Ex officio
Doug Sonego University Police Representative Ex officio
Kathleen Carter-Stiggers Human Resources Representative Ex officio
Craig Saucier Alumni Programs Representative Ex officio

Parking and Traffic Committee Minutes

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September 2016

Last updated 5/10/2018