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Great Conversation!

2015 Program Listing and Availability


What Does the Tobin Center Mean for San Antonio?

J. Bruce Bugg, Jr., Chairman and Trustee, Tobin Endowment and Chairman of the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

sold out

The Making of Spielberg’s "Lincoln"

Catherine Clinton, Professor, Department of History, UTSA

sold out

Undermining Civilization: The Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Iraq

William A. Dupont, San Antonio Conservation Society Endowed Professor and Director, Center for Cultural Sustainability, UTSA

sold out

Do the San Antonio Missions Deserve World Heritage Status?

Rev. David García, Director, Old Spanish Missions of San Antonio

sold out

Texas Impressionism: Who Were the Artists and What Were They Painting?

Mike L. Molak, San Antonio Region Chairman, PlainsCapital Bank, San Antonio

sold out

The Ten Books Every Texan Should Read

John Phillip Santos, Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Honors College, UTSA

sold out
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Business and Community

Ethics in Marketing: Can Companies Go Too Far?

Hal Adams, Chief Marketing Officer, CST Brands, Inc.

sold out

Marketing Strategies That Succeed

April Ancira, Vice President, Ancira Auto Group, Ancira Enterprises, Inc.

sold out

What Does the Shale Oil Revolution Mean for the United States?

Bradley C. Barron, President and CEO, NuStar Energy

sold out

The Importance of Women in Leadership Roles in Major Corporations

Mary Rose Brown, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications, NuStar Energy

sold out

Reinventing Transportation in our Connected World

Dennis Christiansen, Director, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

sold out

San Antonio v. Silicon Valley: Let's Declare Our Technological Independence From California

Dan Goodgame, Vice President of Executive Communications, Rackspace

sold out

Life Is a Dance: Being Flexible along the Road of Life

Clay Killinger, Chief Financial Officer, CST Brands, Inc.

sold out

Mexico-U.S. Oil Relations: Implications for the Changes in PEMEX

Tony Treviño, Chief Legal Counsel, Lewis Energy Group

Registration is now closed for this event.

Oil Price Wars: The implications of falling oil prices for Texas, the U.S. and beyond

Bob Watson, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Abraxas Petroleum

sold out
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Is a College Education Worth It?

Harriett Romo, Professor, Department of Sociology, and Director, Bank of America Child and Adolescent Policy Research Institute, UTSA

sold out

Why School Spirit Matters in UTSA’s Quest for Tier One Status

Scott Woolfolk, President, DocuMATION of SA, Inc.

sold out
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Leisure and Lifestyle

Does Place Affect the Taste of Wine and Cheese?

Kolleen Guy, Professor, Department of History, UTSA

sold out

What Does Sustainability Mean to You?

James Andrews, Principal, Overland Partners, Inc.

Registration is now closed for this event.

Don’s Extra Point – and Then Some!

Don Harris, Sports Anchor and Sports Director, News 4 San Antonio WOAI

sold out

How Tequila Improves the Sound of Mariachi Music (Samples provided)

Raúl Lomelí-Azoubel, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, SABEResPoder

sold out

Untold Secrets of Sausage Making: Tales of the Charcuterie (Samples provided)

Robbie Nowlin, Executive Chef, Citrus, Hotel Valencia

sold out

Riding the Wave: What Tourism is Doing for San Antonio

Richard C. Oliver, Director of Communications, San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau

Registration is now closed for this event.

Deep in the Heart of (a) Tesla

Greg Papay, Partner, Lake/Flato Architects, Inc.

sold out
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Politics and History

Border Ethics: Should Immigrants Have the Right to Stay?

Jill Hernández, Professor, Department of Philosophy and Classics, UTSA

sold out

Mayor, Council, and Charter: Handicapping the 2015 Municipal Election

Francine S. Romero, Associate Dean and Professor, College of Public Policy and Department of Public Administration, UTSA

sold out

How Worried Should We Be about ISIS?

Glen D. Shaffer, Lecturer and Major General, U.S. Air Force Retired, Department of Political Science and Geography, UTSA

sold out

Making Hard Decisions: The State of the City

Ivy R. Taylor, Mayor, The City of San Antonio

sold out
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Social Science, Science and Technology

Strategies for Energy of the Future

David Jungman, Senior Director Business Development, CPS Energy

Registration is now closed for this event.

Medical Lessons from War and Their Impact on San Antonio

David A. Spencer, President/CEO, Texas Intrepid Ventures

sold out

Stopping Bullying in the Social Media Age

Martell Teasley, Chair, Department of Social Work, UTSA

Registration is now closed for this event.

The Challenges of Making Decisions Regarding Long-Term Care

Maria Wellisch, Vice President for Corporate and Community Education, at Morningside Ministries

sold out

GMO's, Corporate Farming and Organics: Balancing Sustenance with Sustainability

Colleen Witt, Lecturer, Honors College, UTSA

sold out

How the Past Helps Us Understand Ourselves and Our World

Jason Yaeger, Professor, Department of Anthropology, UTSA

sold out
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