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Handbook of Operating Procedures
Chapter 3 - Staff
Publication Date: June 24, 2009
Responsible Executive: VP for Business Affairs

3.01 Annual Non-Faculty Performance Evaluation Program

  1. Purpose
    The purpose of this policy is to provide for the administration of an effective performance evaluation program.

  2. Policy
    The Rules and Regulations of The University of Texas System Board of Regents provide for a performance evaluation to be conducted annually for all regular employees of The University of Texas System.

    Supervisors are expected to conduct annual evaluations for all regular classified and administrative and professional employees. The performance evaluation process is designed to provide a means to evaluate an employee's work in relation to the pre-established standards for the position, provide feedback to the employee about his or her work performance, provide counseling on areas in need of improvement to clarify job duties and responsibilities, and to aid in promotion, retention and salary decisions used in the merit review process. Performance evaluations should also identify training needs for the employee.

  3. Procedures at the University of Texas at San Antonio
    1. A supervisor is expected to conduct a written performance evaluation for all employees annually. The rating period is February 1st through January 31st. Supervisors will complete these evaluations no later than the first workday in March of each year.
    2. The supervisor must place the original evaluation form in the employee’s departmental personnel file and provide a copy to the employee and a copy to Human Resources (HR) no later than the first workday in March of each year.
    3. In January of each year, HR will send a general reminder to all departments to complete the evaluations.
    4. Probabtionary Employees
      Supervisors will evaluate newly appointed regular classified staff (non-faculty) during the first six months of employment. A formal evaluation will be conducted on the 30th, 90th, and 160th day of employment. Results of these evaluations will be the basis for retention or release of the employee. The supervisor must place the original probationary performance evaluation form in the employee’s departmental personnel file and provide a copy to the employee and a copy to Human Resources (HR). To download a probationary performance evaluation form, refer to section VI. of this policy.
    5. The employee’s immediate supervisor will conduct the annual appraisal. The supervisor will discuss with the employee his or her job performance in a formal evaluation interview. If changes to performance standards are necessary, those changes should be done at this time to be effective for the new evaluation period.
    6. HR is responsible for maintaining a record of when all employee evaluations are completed. A supervisor is accountable for the timely completion and submission (to HR) of an employee’s performance evaluation.
    7. Merit eligibility: All full-time and part-time (50 percent or greater) regular (benefits eligible) employees who have been continuously employed for at least six months as of August 31st of the preceding year, will need an appraisal on file with Human Resources in order to be eligible for a merit increase.
  4. Evaluation Criteria
    1. The supervisor is expected to develop standards for the particular position and may consult with the employee in that process. Performance appraisals will be based only on lawful, job-related, and non-discriminatory criteria.
    2. The standards for the position should be communicated to the employee by the supervisor when the employee is hired and at the onset of the evaluation period.
    3. Evaluations will be based on specific, objective, measurable and consistently applied criteria.
    4. Supervisors will provide appropriate documentation recognizing any changes in performance if at any time an employee’s performance warrants a written appraisal due to significant improvement or deterioration.
    5. Supervisors should utilize the standard performance evaluation review form provided by HR to evaluate employees. To download this form, refer to section VI. of this policy.
  5. Annual Confirmation

    Annually, each vice president will ensure that all eligible employees have been evaluated for the preceding year.

  6. Evaluation Forms

    The employee performance review forms can be found at:

    The probationary performance evaluation forms can be found at: