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Handbook of Operating Procedures
Chapter 8 - Facilities and University Services
Publication Date: November 24, 2009
Responsible Executive: VP for Student Affairs

8.05 Use of University Facilities by Outside Groups: Joint Sponsorship

I. Requirements for the Joint Sponsorship of a Program or Activity at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)

Except as permitted in Rule 80103 (Solicitation) and Rule 80106 (Special Use Facilities) of the Regents' Rules and Regulations, the use of UTSA property, buildings, or facilities by individuals who are not students, faculty, or staff; by groups that are not registered student, faculty, or staff organizations; or by other outside associations or corporations, must be jointly sponsored by UTSA and must satisfy all requirements found in Rule 80105 (Joint Sponsorship of the Use of Building or Property) of the Regents' Rules and Regulations. These requirements as implemented at UTSA consist of the following:

1.1 The program or activity must be upon the invitation of UTSA. The president of UTSA, or his or her delegate, must authorize a jointly sponsored program or activity through an Invitation Letter.

1.2 In order for joint sponsorship to be appropriate, the educational implications of the program or activity must be self-evident and must directly supplement the educational purposes of UTSA.

1.3 Jointly sponsored program or activity must not result in financial gain for the invited individual, group, association, or corporation (the "Invited/External Host"). UTSA may require an Invited/External Host to provide an accounting of the income and expenses directly related to a jointly sponsored program or activity.

1.4 UTSA, a public institution established without regard to political affiliation or religious faith, cannot be a joint sponsor for political or sectarian activities, programs or gatherings.

1.5 UTSA department/unit sponsoring the program or activity (the "UTSA/Internal Host") will be ultimately responsible for all details of the jointly sponsored program or activity. A representative of the UTSA/Internal Host must be present at all activities. The UTSA Communications Office reserves the right to approve all copy for advertising and news releases associated with the program or activity.

1.6 The scheduling of property, buildings, or facilities for UTSA's programs or activities, especially UTSA academic or academically-related programs or activities, shall always have priority over the scheduling for programs or activities that are jointly sponsored.

1.7 The fees to be paid by the Invited/External Host will be referenced in the Invitation Letter. At a minimum, the fees must ensure recovery of all costs incurred by UTSA that relate to the jointly sponsored activity or program.

II. Delegates Authorized To Issue Invitation Letters

Only the president or one of his appointed delegates listed below have the authority to issue an Invitation Letter, which authorizes and commits UTSA facilities or other resources to a jointly sponsored activity or program. Appointed delegates are:

Main Campus - Vice President for Student Affairs

Downtown Campus - Vice President for Community Services, or Vice Provost for Downtown Campus

HemisFair Park Campus - Vice President for Community Services

III. Offices Designated To Coordinate Joint Sponsorship Details

The following offices are charged with the responsibility of coordinating the logistic and other details associated with a jointly sponsored program or activity at each campus:

Main Campus - Events Management & Conference Services

Downtown Campus - Downtown Special Events Office, or Vice Provost for Downtown Campus

HemisFair Park Campus - ITC Special Events Office

IV. Highlights of the Joint Sponsorship Request Process

The fully detailed process for requesting and obtaining approval for a jointly sponsored activity or program is found at This website also has links to documents and forms associated with this process. Therefore, this Section IV of UTSA HOP 8.05 is only intended to make prospective Invited/External and UTSA/Internal Hosts aware of key logistic details and important timelines relating to this process.

A. Joint Sponsorship Application Form:

This form begins the joint sponsorship approval process and establishes many of the terms and conditions that will relate to the joint sponsorship if it is actually approved. Authorized representatives from both the UTSA/Internal Host and the Invited/External Host must accurately complete this form, providing as much detailed information as possible, must promptly sign it, and then must timely submit it to the appropriate UTSA coordinating department listed in Section III, above. If the completed application form is submitted less than 60 days before the proposed program or activity, then the request may not be considered.

B. Key Logistic Details:

  1. Use of UTSA space or facilities for the jointly sponsored program or activity occurs through a separate reservation process that must be handled entirely by the UTSA/Internal Host.
  2. UTSA may require a deposit from the Invited/External Host.
  3. Depending upon the nature and size of the program/activity and the age and number of participants, UTSA may require signed releases, indemnification agreements and/or an insurance policy covering the program or activity. UTSA's Risk Manager may also impose additional conditions or requirements on the program or activity.
  4. Food is not allowed in many UTSA buildings, and where it is allowed, an UTSA-approved caterer must be used.
  5. As noted in Section 1.7, above, UTSA must ensure recovery of all its costs associated with a jointly sponsored program or activity. The Invited/External Host will usually be invoiced separately by each UTSA service provider.

C. Notification of Approval (Invitation Letter)

When a jointly sponsored program or activity has been approved, UTSA's President or a delegate listed in Section II, above, will issue an Invitation Letter to both the Invited/External Host and the UTSA/Internal Host. This letter will establish that the program or activity is jointly sponsored, will confirm any UTSA space or facility reservations, and will contain an estimate of fees associated with the program or activity. After receiving an Invitation Letter, both of the Hosts must contact the appropriate UTSA coordinating office listed in Section III, above, for more information and additional requirements.