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Handbook of Operating Procedures
Chapter 4 - Personnel General
Publication Date: August 7, 2009
Responsible Executive: VP for Business Affairs

4.14 Separation of Employment For UTSA Personnel

It is the policy of The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) to ensure consistent administrative practices in terminating employment of UTSA personnel, the timely return, and recovery of university property and outstanding fees, and the timely cancellation of all network access.

  1. Responsibilities of Employing Department

    Upon learning of an employee's separation of employment date, it will be the employing department’s responsibility to ensure all of the following;

    1. Obtain and accept resignation in writing (if separating employee is resigning), to include an effective resignation date. An “Acceptance of Resignation” template is available at the HR Forms page
    2. Complete the Separation Procedures outlined on the Human Resources website.
    3. Complete the Separation Processing Checklist.
    4. Inform the separating employee of their obligation to settle any outstanding obligations.
    5. Call and schedule a meeting with a Benefits Representative at 458-4250 and provide the employee with the name of the Benefits representative and the date/time of meeting.
    6. Ensure that all sponsored programs and compliance protocols involving human subjects and animals are officially terminated and data on a sponsored program is retained before a separating employee leaves campus.
    7. Return all University property to the appropriate UTSA departments.
  2. Responsibilities of Employee

    Upon confirming separation of employment with UTSA, it will be the separating employee’s responsibility to complete the following before the effective date of separation from employment;

    1. Return all university owned property to his/her immediate supervisor, to include, but not limited to keys, university identification card, cell phones, computers, and library books.
    2. Settle any outstanding debts or other financial obligations, to include, but not limited to library fines and parking fines.
    3. Inform the Benefits department of any address changes, as well as discussing options to continue health insurance coverage through the COBRA plan.
    4. Principal Investigators must ensure that all obligations are met, to include officially terminating all sponsored programs and compliance protocols involving human subjects and animals, and returning data on a sponsored program.