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The Institute for Law & Public Affairs

Summer Law School Preparation Academy

The Summer Law School Preparation Academy offers an enhanced pre-law curriculum, supplemented by guest speakers and practical experiences, in support of the ILPA’s goal of increasing the number of Texas students who gain admission to and excel in law school. Since the SLSPA’s creation, its students have secured acceptances to and enrolled in a diverse array of law schools throughout the United States.

What Makes the SLSPA a Premier Pre-law Program?

The Summer Law School Preparation Academy encompasses 12 hours of coursework specifically designed to hone the reading and writing skills students need to successfully gain admission to and excel in law school. Students who complete the SLSPA receive the UTSA Certificate in Legal Reasoning.

The Academy incorporates two phases, with students taking 2 3-credit courses in each. Students apply for Phase I as sophomores and attend the Academy during the summer between their sophomore and junior years. This curriculum is designed to prepare students for law school and the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) by emphasizing analytical thinking, critical reading, and quality writing skills. Students enroll in Phase II during the summer after their junior year and before their senior year. All Phase II students will take a case-law course and an LSAT preparation course.

Plenary Sessions

The SLSPA supplements what students learn in the classroom with twice weekly plenary sessions featuring law professors, law school admissions professionals, and lawyers and judges. These meetings give students insight into law school admissions, replicate the environment of the law school classroom, and introduce students to the practice of law.

Serving as a Resource for Students

Faculty and staff of the Institute for Law and Public Affairs advocate for and support our students throughout the law school admissions process. Whether they need help with LSAT preparation, résumés, personal statements, internships or letters of recommendation, our faculty and staff make every effort to be there for our students throughout the application process.


Fill out the Application for Summer Law School Preparation Academy Here!

2019 SLSPA Application

2019 SLSPA Curriculum

Applying to the Summer Law School Preparation Academy

Applications are released in January and due March 8 for priority consideration, and April 15 for regular consideration; applications received after April 15 will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

The SLSPA is open to undergraduate students attending any accredited college or university. Non-UTSA students admitted to the SLSPA will also need to complete an application for admission to UTSA as a transient student by May 1, and meet the requirements for admission. More information is available at Information about UTSA tuition and fees is available at

Texas law requires that all students younger than 30 attending a college or university in Texas show proof of vaccination for bacterial meningitis. More information about this requirement is available at