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UTSA researcher, Dr. Hongjie Xie and PhD candidate Burcu Cicek, examine global warming in the Antarctic on the Swedish icebreaker, ODEN.

Posted February 12,  2007


Breaking the Ice:  Researchers study climate change in Antarctica.  Sombrilla:  UTSA publication

Spring 2007


Next month, Steve Ackley at UTSA and Sarah Anderson, a Boerne High School science teacher will join a crew of 22 researchers from several countries for a two-month expedition. Sarah Anderson was chosen from among 150 educators who submitted applications to the PolarTREC program that will provide outreach information and resources for educators and students to access. The faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics hope to develop a program of researchers to accompany future NSF-funded trips to conduct sea ice observations. 

Posted August 16,  2007


A major IPY project, SIMBA joined American and Belgian scientists on an expedition to obtain information about sea ice thickness, its extent and physical and biogeochemical properties in an effort to understand how it evolves and decays. Another key goal was to characterize the interchange between the ocean, atmosphere and the ice.

Posted December 13,  2007


As ice melts, South Pole grows.

Posted January 10,  2007


UTSA team returns from Antarctic trip

Posted January 31,  2008


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Sea Ice expert Steve Ackley at UTSA's Department of Earth and Environmental Science Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics heads the UTSA and Sea Ice Mass Balance (SIMBA) group and discusses the upcoming 2-month expedition proposed studies to be conducted in the Amundsen Sea in Antarctica. Sarah Anderson talks about the outreach program through PolarTrec.

 videocam UTSA researchers travel to Antarctica, KENS TV, 8/22/07

videocam UTSA researchers discuss trip to Antarctica, FOX TV, 8/23/07


Graduate student, Penny Wagner, at UTSA briefly describes conditions working on the sea ice in Antarctica on SIMBA cruise. Posted November 13,  2007



The return of UTSA students conducting studies during the winter season in Antarctica,  provide valuable information of the relationship of sea ice dynamics and biological factors to global change as stated by sea ice expert Steve Ackley.   Sarah Anderson shares her experience with her physics class at Boerne High School. Posted November 14,  2007




















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