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MORE Science at UTSA

Minority Opportunities for Research Experience in Earth Science at the University of Texas at San Antonio (MORE Science at UTSA), funded by the U.S. Department of Education (Grant Award No. P120A050061), is a three-year project (10/1/2005-9/30/2008) designed to provide research and field experiences to undergraduate Earth science majors.  Activities sponsored under MORE Science at UTSA include:

   Research experience at UTSA or one of our partner institutions (including Southwest Research Institute, UT-Austin, UT-El Paso, and TSU-San Marcos) providing undergraduates an opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor on a specific research topic.  Twelve paid research positions ($2,500 per student) are available each summer.

   A 10-day all expense paid field trip to west Texas and south New Mexico each summer to bring together the undergraduates involved in research or internship programs and their advisors.

   An annual student colloquium at UTSA in which students will present their summer research.  Cash awards will be offered for the best project presentations.

   Travel support for students to present their research in professional conferences at the local, regional, or national level.

   Science mentoring in the public schools, to keep undergraduate participants excited about their science and to help attract younger students to careers in the sciences.

   Two new undergraduate courses in the cross-disciplinary field of remote sensing, GIS, and GPS.  The first of these courses offered in Fall 2006; the second one offered in Fall 2007

   A twice monthly seminar series focusing on issues in Earth science and geospatial science and technology, bringing experts from industry, government, and academics to UTSA to share their research and experience with our students.

Participation in science research through MORE Science at UTSA is anticipated to increase student marketability in entering graduate schools or beginning careers upon graduation from UTSA. 

Priority will be given to minority undergraduate students majoring in Geology, Geography, Environmental Science, or MDS, but non-minority and women students are also encouraged to apply.



Management Committee

Dr. Hongjie Xie (PI), UTSA
Dr. G. Randy Keller, UTEP

Dr. Marius Necsoiu, SwRI

Dr. Cesar Ocampo, UT Austin

Dr. Le Wang, TSU San Marcos

Seminar Series


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Student Colloquium


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Supporting Students


Students supported

Field Trips


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Research and Application


Project topics  may be selected

Application is due on 2/28



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Last Updated: September, 2006