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Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness from Space

Antarctic sea ice thickness from space: validating estimates from the laser and radar satellite altimeters with ship-based measurements is a three year project funded by NASA Cryosphere Program (#NNX08AQ87G) from 6/3/2008-6/2/2011 (Project Summary).


Management Team Postdoc and Students

 Prof. Steve Ackley (PI), UTSA

 Dr. Hongjie Xie (Co-PI), UTSA

 Dr. Thorsten Markus (Co-PI), NASA/GSFC

 Dr. Tony Worby (Co-PI), Australian Antarctic Division

 Dr. Jay Zwally (Collaborator), NASA/GSFC

 Dr. Donghui Yi (Collaborator), SGT/GSFC/NASA

 Dr. Seymour Laxon (Collaborator), Univ. Col. London

 Dr. Ahmet Tekeli (Postdoc), UTSA

 Ms. Burcu Cicek (PhD student), UTSA

 Mr. Mike Lewis (PhD student), UTSA




  • LRSG/UTSA awarded a NASA supplement for Education to develop "Polar and Planetary Sciences Modules for k-12 Teachers", (30k for 2010-2011), (PI Ackley, CoPIs Xie and Fies)

  • Project Second Year Annual Report (2009-2010) to NASA: (pdf)

  • Our NASA project co-funding the ISSI workshop "Monitoring Arctic and Antarctic sea ice form various satellite products" held in 15-19 March, 2010 at the ISSI, Bern, Switzerland. Workshop team leaders Burcu and Hongjie.

    • Workshop presentations, papers, pictures, and summary of the workshop can be downloaded from here. (note: click Cancel if it asks you to enter a password, you will then be able to download it or view it).

  • Project First Year Annual Report (2008-2009) to NASA: (pdf)

  • LRSG/UTSA researches/publications highlighted in the NOTUS of the AGCS Newsletter in the June 2009 issue (pdf)

  • Antarctic Sea Ice Workshop, Lucca, Italy (March 22-24, 2009) Final Report (pdf)






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Last Updated: April, 2010