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Alumni of the LRSG


The site is actively maintaining a list of students and scholars who studied and/or worked in the Lab. Their contributions to the Lab are memorized and greatly appreciated. As time passing through quickly, our friendship and partnership are even stronger. We will upgrade the contact information accordingly as new info will be provided by our alumni.



 Exchange students, visiting scholars, postdoc fellows  Graduate students  Undergraduates


 Dr. Jiakui Tang (Visiting scholar, 2016)

     -- Associate Professor, University of CAS, China


  Ms. Sofia Fiorucci (Exchange MS student, 2016)

     -- Master Student, University of Perugia, Italian.


 Dr. Yuyue Xu (Visiting scholar, 2015-2016)

     -- Associate Professor, Nanjing University, China


 Mr. Giulio Mosconi (Visiting student, 2015) 

     -- Master Student, University of Perugia, Italian.


 Dr. Zongyu Yu (Visiting scholar, 2015)

     -- Associate Profesor, RADI, CAS


 Dr. Xiaohua Hao (Visiting scholar, 2014-2015)

     -- Associate Professor, CAREERI, CAS


 Dr. Xingyuan Liu (Visiting scholar, 2014-2015)

    -- Associate Professor, Lanzhou University, China


 Ms. Qian Yang (Exchange PhD student, 2013-2015)

    -- PhD student, Jilin University, China


 Mr. Zhimin Yao (Exchange PhD student, 2013-2014)

    -- PhD student, Wuhan University of Tech, China


 Mr. Xun Liu (Exchange MS student, 2014)

    -- MS student, Nanjing University, China


 Mr. Lanyu Li (Exchange MS student, 2014)

    -- PhD student, Nanjing University, China


 Dr. Xin Miao (Visiting scholar, 2012-2013)

    -- Associate Professor, Missouri State Univ., USA


 Mr. Giacomo Mazzolla (Exchange MS student, 2012-2013)

    -- Master Student, University of Perugia, Italian.


 Dr. Xuelian Zhao (Visiting scholar, 2011-2012)

     -- Lecturer, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), China


 Dr. Huajun Wang (Visiting scholar, 2011-2012)

     -- Associate Professor, Zhejiang University, China


 Mr. Guoqing Zhang (Exchange PhD student, 2009-2011)

     -- Associate Professor, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS


 Dr. Guangmeng Guo (Visiting scholar, 2011)

     -- Associate Professor, Nanyang Normal University, China


 Dr. Wenlong Li (Visiting scholar, 2009-2010)

     -- Professor, Lanzhou University, China


 Dr. Ahmet Tekeli (Postdoc, 2008-2010)

     -- Assistant Prof., Civil Engineering, Zirve University, Turkey


 Dr. Ling Du (Visiting scholar, 2009-2010)

     -- College of Physical and Environmental Oceanography, OUC


 Dr. Chaojun Fan (Postdoc fellow, 2009)

     -- Postdoc at Cleveland State University


 Ms. Yang Gao (Exchange PhD student, 2007-2009)

     -- Associate Professor, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS


 Mr. Xiaodong Huang (Exchange PhD student, 2007-2008)

     -- Associate Professor, Lanzhou U., China


 Prof. Hailton M. Silva (Exchange PhD student, 2007-2008)

     -- UFBA, Brazil


 Mr. Ning Lu (Exchange PhD student, 2008)

     -- IGSNRR/CAS, China


 Dr. Zuoxun Zeng (Visiting professor, 2006-2007, taught Structural Geology and Structural Geology Laboratory in the Department and studied Martian structure and evolution with Drs Birnbaum and Xie)

     - Professor, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), China


 Mr. Zongyu Yue (Exchange PhD student, 2006-2007)
     - PhD Candidate, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), China


 Ms. Lisha Zhou (Visiting master student, Aug-Sep 2007)

    - Master Student, SUNY-Stony Brook


 Mr. Chaojun Fan (Visiting PhD student, winter break 2005 and summer 2006)

    - PhD Candidate, Washington State University. Defended his dissertation on 3/13/2008 (pdf)


 Dr. Minqiang Zhu (Visiting scholar, 2005-2006)

    - Professor, East China Institute of Technology, China


 Dr. Huade Guan  (Postdoc fellow, 2005-2006)

    - Faculty, Flinders University, Australia


 Mr. Wentao Xia* (Ph.D student, 2010-2016)

      - N/A


 Mr. Giulio Mosconi (Exchange MS student, 2015) 

     -- N/A


 Ms. Yunbo Bi* (Ph.D. student, 2012-2015)

     - GIS Operator/Specialist, Mobilitie, Chicago, IL.


 Mr. Eric Kouba* (M.S. student, 2011-2014)

    - GIS Specialist, Welder Exploration & Production, San Antonio, Texas.

    - PhD student, University of Texas at San Antonio


 Mr. Chase Mueller* (M.S. student, 2011-2014)

    - Research Associate, NASA Ames Research Center


 Mr. Giacomo Mazzolla (Exchang MS student 2012-2013)

    - N/A


 Mr. Newfel Mazari* (PhD. student, 2008-2013)

    - GIS specialist, Alamo Area Council of Govern.


 Ms. Yunbo Bi* (M.S. student, 2010-2012)

    - PhD student, University of Texas at San Antonio


 Ms. Eze Onwuchekwa* (M.S. student, 2009-2012)


 Mr. Almoutaz Abdalla* (PhD student, 2009-2012)


 Mr. Guoqing Zhang (Exchange PhD student, 2009-2011)

     - Postdoc, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS


 Mr. Mike Lewis* (PhD student, 2004-2010)

    - Principle Engineer, Southwest Research Institute

    - Adjunct Res. Scientist, UTSA


 Ms. Burcu Cicek* (PhD student, 2005-2010)

    - Maritime Faculty, Istanbul Technical Univ., Turkey


 Mr. David Prado* (Master student, 2008-2010)

    - PhD student, University of Texas at San Antonio


 Ms. Penny Wagner* (Master student, 2007-2009)

    - PhD Student, University of Delaware


 Ms. Yang Gao (Exchange PhD student, 2007-2009)

     - Scientist, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS


 Ms. Beibei Yu* (Master student, 2007-2009)

    - Master Student, Georgetown U


 Mr. Mark Schnur* (Master student, 2006-2009)

    - Planner IV, San Antonio Water System

    - PhD student (starts fall 2009), UTSA


 Mr. Blake Weissling* (PhD student, 2004-2008)

    - Environmental Geophysicist, SWCA Environmental


  - Adjunct Res. Scientist, UTSA


 Mr. Newfel Mazari* (Master student, 2006-2008)

    - PhD student, University of Texas at San Antonio


 Mr. Xianwei Wang* (PhD student, 2004-2008)

    - Associate Prof., The Sun Yat-Sen University


 Ms. Misti Thueson* (Master student, 2005-2008)

    - Chemistry Teacher, High School near San Antonio


 Ms. Lani Cabico* (Master student, 2004-2006)

    - GIS Coordinator, Brooks Development Authority


 Mr. Antony Perez (PhD student, 2010-2011)

 Ms. Elizabeth Murphy (MS student, 2008-2010)

 Mr. Singaiah Chintalapudi (PhD student, 2010)

 Mr. Murtala Yisa (Master student, fall 2008)

 Mr. Somenath Ganguly (PhD student, fall 2008)

 Mr. Andrew Nordquist (Master student, spring 2008)

 Mr. Joshua Hughes (Master student, fall 2007)

 Ms. Meagan Metzler (Master student, summer 2006)
















Ms. Asheley Aquirre (BS)



Ms. Ilana Casarez (BS)



Mr. Alex Rodriguez (BS)



Mr. Daniel Smith-Salgado (BS)



Mt. Riley Marfin (BS)

 (Intern, 2015-2016)


Ms. Ana Atilano (BS)

 (Intern, 2013)


Ms. Ana Balino (BS)

 (Intern, 2013)


Ms. Velita Cardenas (BS)

 (Intern, 2013)


Ms. Johanna Torres (Intern, 2012)


Mr. Christian Baker (Intern, 2012)


Ms. Shelby Williams (Intern and research assistant, 2011-2014)


Mr. Anthony Arricale (Intern and research assistant, 2011-2012)


Ms. Jessica Jimenez (Intern and research assistant, 2010-2012)

    - M.S. student, Stanford U.


Mr. Ben Cardenas (Intern and research assistant, 2011-2012)

    - M.S. student, UT Austin


Mr. Alexander Colby (Intern and research assistant, 2011-2012)


Ms. Anne Ji (Intern, summer 2008)

    - Student, UTSA


Ms. Beverly Saunders (Intern, summers 2007, 2008)

    - Student, UTSA


Mr. Austin Jordan (Intern, summer and fall 2007)

    - Student, UTSA


Ms. Penelope Wagner (Intern, summers 2006, 2007)

    - Student, UTSA


Ms. Carrie Benson (Intern, summer 2006)

    - Teacher, Wagner High School


Ms. Melissa Quinones (Intern, summer 2006)

  - Student, UTSA

(Note: name with a *, indicating the graduate student got a degree from LRSG/UTSA)


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