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Next Steps

MARC-U*STAR, RISE, and WSRTP trainees are expected to take the next steps in their educational path either immediately or within a year or so of graduation. Generally, those who fully participate in the programs for two or more years have sufficient training/background that they can enter doctoral programs directly. Below is a list of PhD programs with which the UTSA program has worked closely in the past plus listings of other available programs and several combined Government/Institutional PhD programs. Guides to various ratings of these programs are also provided, although nothing is better than your research mentor's input and visits to the campuses. Links to some MD/PhD programs and Graduate programs are also included.

Those who have an insufficient GPA might choose to enter a Master's program to build a graduate GPA, and those who wish to obtain additional research experience can do the same, or pursue postbaccalaureate training in a Postbacc program. The advantage of Postbacc programs is that they 1) pay the students to do research, and 2) are designed to prepare a student for the doctorate and provide professional development activities and often GRE Preparation. Quite a few schools offer postbacc training. Included is a list of Postbacc programs that former MARC/RISE/WSRTP students have attended and commented about.

Partner PhD Programs
Other "Friend" Programs
Individual PhD programs that send solicitations to us
Government/Institutional or Private/Institutional PhD programs
Online Lists of PhD Programs and Ranking Websites
MD/PhD Programs
Graduate Programs
Compiled Listings of Postbacc Programs
Individual Postbacc Programs Attended by Former RISE/MARC/WSRTP Students