Thierry Wambo

Department: Physics & Astronomy
Program: Physics

Phone: (210) 458-5184


Thierry is a native of Cameroon, a country in the Central Africa region. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Physics at The University of Yaounde I, Cameroon, and a Master’s degree in Geophysics at the same institution in 2007. For his Master thesis, he worked on the structural characterization of a sedimentary basin with low frequencies of electromagnetic waves. In 2010 he graduated with an MS in sustainable management of Forestry resources from University of Dschang (Cameroon) and took a job as control quality manager in a lumber company. In Fall 2013, he joined the graduate program of Physics at the University at San Antonio and his now working on his PhD in Computational Biophysics under the guidance of Dr Liao Chen.

Thierry's research interests are in drug design and ligand-protein interactions. His current research focuses on understanding enzyme structures and finding potential inhibitors.

Thierry was awarded the UTSA College of Sciences Presidential scholarship in Fall 2014, a merit scholarship in 2010 from the minister of higher education of Cameroon, and another scholarship in 2008 from the "Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie."

He has memberships in American Physical Society and National Society of Black Physicists. He is committed to the success of undergraduates and local high schools students by serving as judges as sciences fairs and by participating in discussion panels.