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RISE PhD Information for Participants


RISE Program Policies and Standards

The RISE Program Policies and Standards, which discuss how students stay in good standing with the program, are available here. Evaluation and progression are discussed below.

Recommended Progression and Assessment of RISE PhD Students

To launch into a successful scientific career, a doctoral student has to personally mature in a variety of ways, complete degree requirements, and create the "Products" of science. The RISE Program wishes to work with students and mentors to assist our students in creating strong credentials. Click here for the document the program has created detailing its "expectations" for RISE PhD student accomplishment.

General Program Evaluation

Throughout their studies, students and mentors will provide feedback regarding their performance via Fall and Spring online evaluations. In addition, RISE PhD students will be evaluated by the RISE Student Selection and Retention Committee prior to the beginning of their third, fourth, and fifth years of study, as described in the "expectations" document noted above.

How Long Are RISE PhD Students Funded?

The federal government has dictated that RISE doctoral students can receive a total of five (5) years of graduate funding. If you have received RISE funding as an MS student, this counts towards these five years.