ITV classrooms are designed to assist distance learning classes, conduct videoconferences, and capture class lectures. ITV classrooms are used to link campus locations, as well as remote sites, through live transmission over a high definition based videoconferencing connection. Instructors and students are able to interact through automated zoom cameras and push-to-talk microphones.


Each ITV classroom is equipped with the following HD components:
  • Windows 8 Computer
  • LCD Projector
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Player
  • Document Camera
  • Auxiliary Interface (VGA and HDMI) - Device adapters are not provided.
  • Control System
  • Sound System

Each ITV classroom is able to:
  • Lecture capture.
  • Provide a live web stream.
  • Connect in a point-to point or a multi-point conference.
  • Cross-connect to any other ITV room or remote site.
  • Transmit and receive a high definition IP based videoconferencing connection via H.323 call.

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All requests are made through OITConnect. Need to schedule an ITV classroom? Use the ITV Classroom Request form.




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