Lecture Capture and Video Conferencing Services


The Learning Technologies team can assist with your lecture capture and video conferencing needs.

The team can provide or assist with:

- Skype for Business assistance
- Rooms equipped with audio and video
- Medial Library assistance
- Blackboard Learn video link assistance
- Camera set-up



Lecture Capture Services

Faculty and staff have two supported options available for recording class lectures and presentations. You can either use Skype for Business or schedule the use of an ITV classroom.

Skype for Business
is a Microsoft application for connecting with other people. Although it is a videonferencing tool, it also allows you to create single user meetings that you can run for a lecture or presentation capture. The recording feature will create a video of the meeting, which can then be hosted in the Medial Library and distributed to students and colleagues. You can learn more about the Medial Library here. You may also decide to use YouTube or UTSA's OneDrive for sharing your recorded lectures. See links to PDF guides below. These videos are commonly linked or embedded in Blackboard Learn.

If scheduling the use of an
ITV classroom better suites your needs, contact us. Lecture and presentation captures created in an ITV classroom can be stored in the Media Library, your personal YouTube channel, or your UTSA's OneDrive for distribution & sharing. These videos can also be linked or embedded in Blackboard Learn courses.


Downloadable Lecture Capture Brouchure for Faculty

Lecture Capture Brochure


Request Form

Use the Video Lecture/Presentation Capture ITV Request form.

Video Conferencing Services

The Learning Technologies department supports the use of videoconferencing facilities for research, workshops, administrative meetings, job interviews, and virtual field trips.
Video conferences can connect campus locations as well as remote sites, allowing presenters and participants to interact through automated zoom cameras and push-to-talk microphones. We have successfully conducted videoconferences around the world to locations including the Canary Islands, Australia, Indonesia, Portugal, England, France, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and China.


Each video conferencing facility is able to:
  • Connect in a point-to point or a multi-point conference.
  • Cross-connect to any other videoconferencing facility or remote site.
  • Transmit and receive a high definition IP based connection via H.323 call.



Video Conferencing Requests


Complete and Submit a TriCampus Video Conferencing Request.

Complete and Submit a Remote Site Video Conferencing Request.


Request Form


Use the TriCampus Videoconferencing request form.



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