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UTSA Faculty and Students


i>Clicker & REEF  Response Solution:

i>clicker is a technology solution that allows presenters and audience participants to dynamically interact through questions and answers in real-time. Questions can be posed to audience members through a slideshow presentation or other type of document, while answers are provided with a response remote device.


 Getting Started:

  1. Request instructor’s equipment:   i>clicker form

  2. If students may purchase an i>clicker remote, you must notify the bookstore: ISBN for i>clicker 2: 1498601634


Training webinar sign-up: (make sure to choose the toggle button for either i>clicker or REEF)


i>clicker instructor software:


Link to download the i>clicker software: Visit the i>Clicker Files for UTSA page for custom UTSA file downloads.

Important: You must use this version of I>Clicker software from the link above if you will be syncing it to your Blackboard Learn course.i

User guide on Blackboard integration:  Blackboard in i>clicker version 7.4 and higher(Recommended), 

Best practices:

Tech support: 


REEF Instructor Software


**Tip: We recommend also having a student account for yourself. There’s actually no need to create one. You can just sign into the student app using the credentials that you created for your instructor’s account. Students automatically get a 2-week free trial. If you need an extension for yourself, just contact tech support.**

Step-by-step instructions, User guides, FAQs, and Support:

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