Server Virtualization



The Office of Information Technology provides infrastructure to host servers, storage and services in a virtual server environment. The virtual server environment consists of a storage deployed on industry leading Storage Area Network and Ethernet Fabric technologies. Servers are attached to the SAN and Ethernet Fabric via dual path fiber switch gear with full redundancy.

This service is based on both Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2 & VMware vSphere Virtual Infrastructure suites. This service is intended  for departments and colleges at UTSA in the support of business and academic processes. We offer standard  OS templates in both Windows and Red Hat that can meet many requirements. If a standard offering does not meet your requirements, we will work to design a solution that meets your needs and integrates well into a shared environment. We are here to help you before, during, and after deployment.




When requesting self-provisioning on a virtual server through the OITConnect Portal, please view the Server Virtualization Form Questions page to view questions asked when submitting the form.

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