How Do I Connect to the UTSA Virtual Private Network (VPN)?



UTSA VPN service is now enhanced through the myUTSA ID+ feature of Two-Factor Authentication.  Additionally, UTSA VPN service is also available with Windows 10 usage. For more information on Two-Factor Authentication, click here.​

OIT is still continuing its evaluation of Windows 10 and working to make sure that all applications are tested on the new operating system.   


The UTSA VPN service allows users to securely access resources on the campus network such as the i:Drive, Microsoft Outlook, and departmental servers. The VPN service can be accessed from any Internet connection via both browsers and mobile devices (see end of page).

To connect to the UTSA VPN service, browse to and follow the prompts. Depending on your browser, you may be prompted to download and install a plugin.  Each browser may display these messages differently.

 Helpful Links

Accessing UTSA VPN (.pdf)

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How to remote to your desktop computer (.pdf)

Two-Factor Authentication

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