If you are unsure how to get started with asynchronous teaching here are some ideas to spark students engagement

By adding audio, video, quizzes, animations, and setting up your text to complement the other aspects of each slide, you can turn your PowerPoint lectures into powerful, interactive, and engaging course material and provide students a more engaging experience and boost their creativity. Our instructional designers and development specialists can help you decide which technology tool to use to fit your needs efficiently.  ​​​
  • Take a dip into lecture capture by creating 2-5 minute mini-lectures using Camtasia. New features in lecture capture may help you make face-to-face time more active and out-of-class learning more productive. Placing these mini-lecutures online, allows you to devote that class time to such  activities like discussions, team-based learning, or Q&A sessions. Our Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Lab and Multimedia Studio have the technology tools you need. 
  • Create scenarios to provide your students with problems, case studies, diagnosis, training scenarios and such where students have to apply what they have learned.
More information on asynchronous teaching can be found here:

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