Instructor presence is very important both in the classroom and online for students, especially with the less time they see in you class, the more they want to know you are online just like them.

Of course, this does not require you to be online 24/7 but making sure that they know you are online when you say you’ll be  is very important. Show the students that you are active in your Blackboard course.
Here are just a few ways to boost your presence:
  • Let students know how it will take you to answer emails
  • Give feedback on assignments in a timely manner
  • Hold virtual office hours
  • Provide input on online discussions
  • Post a short Welcome Video
  • Post weekly announcements about upcoming items
  • Send out encouraging emails or announcements at Midterms and Finals
  • Post a picture and a small bio about yourself and encourage students to do the same in a discussion board
Here are just a few articles on Instructor Presence:

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